Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sam My Man

This little guy keeps me smiling from morning til night - he also is what makes me hit the pillow and fall asleep so quickly each night.  He is a ball of energy and is learning new things every day.  I wanted to document a few things so I can remember them for years to come.

- Instead of saying yes he says "I do"
- loves hot dogs
- gets Mike his hat each morning so that Mike will take him to McDonald's for pancakes
- says hi and bye to everyone he see's (even at drive thrus)
- says thank you whenever I get him what he is requesting
- when we go for a ride in the car, if we drive by Little Gym and don't go in, he says "wrong way"
- loves diet coke, cake, chocolate, and bottles
- gives the best, tight hugs of any little two year old I know
- loves to play games, pretend he's a ghost, see's imaginary ghosts, and pretend sleeps
- when he wants something he says "come here" or "Jakie, come here"
- I love how he plays with Jake and wants to do everything Jake does
- knows what he wants, what car he wants to drive in, what show to watch, food to eat - knows what he wants in life
- doesn't seem to need much sleep (I hope to forget about this sometime soon)
- loves to be spooned and snuggle in the middle of the night
- calls Grandma Grammy, and Grandpa Popee

Sammy is a bundle of joy and energy in our home and I often think of how boring my life would be without him.  So grateful to have this little guy in my life.

Love you Sammy

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