Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Urban Cowgirl

I have been having a love thing for Urban Cowgirl lately.  I bought 5 charm packs, a fat eighth bundle and some yardage...

I cut a bunch of squares out to make this star quilt  and they have been sitting on my cutting table untouched ever since.  I did have a small strip left over from each fat eighth.  So I made 3 of these.

As if you couldn't tell, I'm into making table runners lately.  Let me tell you why...

  a) I can use up ALL my scraps
  b) A quick project and I can feel like I've achieved and finished something
  c) Great gifts to have laying around
  d) Additions to the shop

So you can be expected to see some runners for me in the future.  Each project I cut I will be using the scraps for these little runners.

I bought this great little yellow Riley Blake polka dot to go on the back.  Love this yardage it works with just about everything!

I've been changing out my decor for some springy looking colors.  This runner fits in nicely for this time of year.  Good thing I made 3 so I can keep one for myself!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Menu Mondays

Monday - Grilled Chicken, salad, fruit
Tuesday - Meatball kabobs
Wednesday - Veggie Tacos
Thursday - Chicken and Spinach shells, salad and garlic bread
Friday - leftovers

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Schnibbles Finish - sort of

Remember my Schnibbles Impaired post - I clearly have issues finishing these small blocks, but I finally got them finished.  Not into 1 quilt, but 3 table runners - all a little different from one another.

The first one has a aqua pieced border and went to live at Whitney's home (shocker she takes home everything!)

This one is my favorite I think of the 3 and has a small aqua pieced border and then a white and pink pieced outer border.  I love this line (Martinique by 3 Sisters) and I love how the colors work together.

The last one I made a bit wider with a bitty red inner border and a aqua paisley border.  I think the red border really pulls the stars out.  Loving the paisley print.

After I realized the actual schnibbles quilt wouldn't be completed, my goal was to get them finished somehow.  I didn't need another unfinished project laying around.  I quickly quilted the finish runners with a baby loop and finally got them bound the last week or so.  Even though they didn't turn out like I wanted, I am thrilled with these little runners.  Maybe more so then I would have been with the actual quilt.  Nice to have them bound and done!  I can add another finished 2012 project!  Its been awhile so I'm glad I can get one added to the list.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Look at the Bright Side

I've mentioned a few times lately how busy work has been lately. 
Busy as in 12 - 16 hour days nearly every day.
Busy as in weekends being worked
Busy as in most my spending money is still accounted for (usually its 2/3rds gone by this time each month) 

Mike keeps telling me to be positive and hopefully things will slow down soon.  So I've been trying to look on the bright side of things - here are a few blessings I can account for over the last few months
- An old developer wearing a superman cape rehired to come save me from this mess we're in!(He's not really wearing a cape, but in my head he is)
- My mom who spends lots of time with my kids each week - feels good to know I'm leaving them in her hands.
- A brother who buys me lunch and closes the door to my office to let me cry when I suffer a little breakdown.
- A dad who comes through the secret back door of my office each morning to check on me.
- A sister who drops everything to come tend for me at a moments notice
- And mostly - a husband who has stepped up beyond belief the last few months.  He's stayed home from work so I could go in, come home from work early, let me cry (which I rarely do until this last month) and hugs me, offers development advise and help to make my life easier. Has become MR. MOM and does EVERYTHING for the boys these days.  He came home tonight and CLEANED the wreck of my house.  Brings home dinner and plays with the kids. 

As I finished up an evening of work I walked into my room to find my three guys laying in bed, all with their ipads in hand (yes they all 3 have one) playing a lego game (its like a slot machine).  All looking to see what the other had gotten and trying to beat each other. 

When times get tough I try to remember this:


Friday, April 6, 2012

Schnibbles Impaired

The February Schnibbles pattern pick was called ISTH.  I loved the pattern.  I'm a sucker for stars.  I tried so hard to finish the quilt in time for the parade but my life didn't agree with the timing of it all.  I had a terrible time with my blocks.  They went together nicely, I squared up each 2 inch half square triangle.  I thought I was on the right track. 

When I went to square up the finished star block if I cut them to the right size, I would have chopped off the points.  I tried another block or two, being more precise and careful - each time I had the same issue.  

I decided to just throw them together in the rows and hope for the best...well a few weeks back I went to put my 3 rows together - sadly they were all different lengths and again, if I cut down would chop off some points.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????

I'm into table runners lately - so why not make 3?  I had my charm packs completely cut out to get my Schnibbles project done, so I used those pieces for the borders and did 3 different looks.  I still have some binding to sew down - but I'm happy they are quilted and ready to be completed.  Hopefully tonight I can finish the binding.

My first two Schnibbles projects and I didn't get them just right.  I think I have problems when it comes to small blocks.  I took a little break in March, but I LOVE the Schnibbles pick for April so pattern is ordered and I'm going to give it another try.  We'll see how this month turns out!

Linking up again this week to Whoop Whoop and Finish it up Friday

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring has Sprung

- sunny days
- dirty faces
- happy kids

Spring has official sprung round these parts.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Mondays

I'm still loving the Bountiful Baskets I'm getting each week.  It is really helping me plan healthier meals to use up all the veggies!

My cousin Heidi has been feeding me ideas on what to do with cabbage.  I made this last week
http://allrecipes.com/recipe/black-pepper-beef-and-cabbage-stir-fry/detail.aspx and it was delicious.  Mike didn't want to even try it because he is against cabbage in general but I told him that wasn't a good example to set for our kids.  So he ate it, and LOVED it.  This was a quick and easy dinner that I felt was pretty healthy.  Love that!

So here is this weeks menu

Monday - Thai Peanut Chicken stir fry w/noodles (my neighbor made the sauce - so good)
Tuesday - Grilled Salmon w/ roasted veggies
Wednesday - Orange Chicken w/ broccoli (another suggestion from Heidi)
Thursday - Tacos /w fruit salad
Friday - Shrimp Cesar Salad
Saturday - eat out
Sunday - Easter Dinner - ham, cheesy potatoes, asparagus, lemon squares

Here's to trying to be healthy!