Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blush - I Remember it Well

It was February 2010.  I had just given birth to my second son, and life as I knew it was over.  At my 6 week appointment the dr asked me if I was depressed.  I replied "is it depression or just realization that your life will never be the same?  And somehow I have to get use to this new life and just move forward?"

After I had Sam I was a little more emotional then I had been with Jake (and overall I'm not an overly emotional person).  I was worried about how Jake would adapt to this new little guy.  I was worried about how I was going to feel about a new little guy and there was no sleep going on in our house. I had had a c-section and wasn't recovering as quickly as I did with Jake.  It was not the most fun month of our lives.

I hadn't been in my sewing room in ages and was feeling like life was never going to give me any "me time again".  But there was light at the end of this dark tunnel.  There was  sales going on.  Fabric was 40 - 70% off in some cases.  Could this really be the answer to all my prayers?

After telling Mike this would lift my spirits he sent me off to the store - and I found Blush - and it was love.  It was different from my normal tones.  It had pinks, and maroons, and aqua.  I bought some - 40% off and all.  The next day - it was discounted to 70% off - so I bought some more.  Life was starting to look up.  I was sewing again.  Finishing quilts.

This is what I created way back 3 years ago.....This fabric may have saved my sanity.

Three years later - this is the first quilt we threw on the Gammill.  It was late and Mike wanted to see a completed quilt, so we picked a stipple, and then he made it BIG!

I finally got around to binding this baby on my business trip a few weeks ago.  The line is Blush by Basic Grey for Moda and the pattern is a Crazy Old Ladies - Stack of Three.  This is a fun quick pattern.  Just takes a layer cake and some border fabric.  Great pattern if you need to get a quilt done quickly and doesn't break the banks.

The brown floral leaf print was my favorite.  Has some words in the background and is modern and fun.  I think I have a half dozen charm packs hidden away somewhere.

I'm glad nearly 3 years later I have this quilt totally completed!


Erin Quinn said...

It's wonderful what fabric can do. I know I am finding that when things are happening that are overwhelming and out of my control, fabric helps to bring me back to my own again.
You have a beautiful quilt. And it's wonderful that it gets to be your first finish for your newest baby :-)

Polly said...

i remember you even thought of selling your quilting machine! I told you to give it some time. Time seems to work all things out. Now look at you go!

Polly said...
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Anonymous said...

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