Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christmas Presences in July

I always like to get a jump start on my Christmas projects, but don't always achieve my goal.  I've had this runner quilted and waiting to be bound for probably over a year now....so I jumped the Christmas in July idea and finished it up.

This runner was made out of the patchwork fabric squares from the Christmas Presences line by April Cornell for Moda.  I LOVE this line.  I have a bin full of it still.  I have a big quilt made waiting to be quilted of this patchwork fabric.  The only thing I didn't like about the patchwork fabric is the amazing black and green fabrics that MADE this line are not included in the patchwork.  Seems odd to leave out the most striking fabrics, but I still bought yards of it.

The red in in this line is the perfect red and I love the cream holly berry fabric and the textured fabrics from this line.  How there is plaids, prints and textures all together.

The binding fabric which is red with a darker red polka dot is one of my favorite fabrics from the line.

That was a simple project of quilting and binding that should have NEVER taken me a whole year to complete!  I'm glad its out of my way and ready for my table come December.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Menu Mondays

I was a little under the weather last week and we had a few events we went to, so many of my items we didn't get to.  You may see a few repeats this week.  We'll see how this week goes, my brother is in town so usually we end up out by the pool all night long.

Monday - Tacos
Tuesday - BBQ at Grandma's house
Wednesday - Chinese Cabbage Salad
Thursday - Creamy Lemon Pasta
Friday - Campfire meal

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesdays

I'm a sucker for Sweetwater fabrics.  I can't get enough of the Hometown collection and Reunion was just as good.  I tried to not buy any Lucy's Crab Shack, but caved and I'm currently working on a quilt. Then we have Mama said Sew or Sew Mama Sew?  I can't remember - but I have a charm pack of it already.  I mean, you can't really go wrong with Sweetwater fabrics.

This was a simple quilt - but I feel it fits the person who's home it will reside in.  I was going to go with pinwheels or something a little different - as we all know I'm into squares these days.  But I kept going back to this as I really felt it fit.

The navy in this collection is beautiful, and this jacks fabric was my favorite.  I think it screams boy in a cute old fashion kind of way.  I love how it is bold and pulls in all the colors in the line.  I knew I wanted this to be the border and focal point which also played into my simple square quilt.

I tried to jazz it up a big with some fun quilting.  X's in the middle border, a loopy big border and I have no idea what to call the big square quilting....I'll have to look that one up.

The backing may be me new thing.  I pieced it using leftovers from the border/binding along with some yellow polka dot.  I don't piece my backings very often and I wonder why.  I think it turned out cute and adds some character to the quilt.  The binding is a red fabric with years on it.  Again - I think numbers are perfect for the home this will live in.  Can't wait for the arrival of the sweet little boy.

I'm linking up this week to WIP Wednesdays.

I made a list of July quilts to finish -
Reunion - check
Wheels - check
Baseball quilt quilted/bound - check
Grandma's quilt - check
Carpenter Star quilted/bound - next on my list

Just 2 more client quilts to quilt and bind and I'm all caught up - I've got a few more days so hopefully I can get the next 3 done and stay on top of things!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I grew up watching my brothers play baseball.  From a very young age I feel like my summer nights and Saturday mornings were spent at the Draper park watching my older brothers slide around the bases.

As I grew up my oldest brother James stayed with the sport.  I frequented his high school games.  It was one of my favorite things to do.  My mom would even take me out of school early if they had an away game that started before I'd be getting home.  His team even took state one year.  I remember that play off week as if it was me playing.  Needless to say I have always loved the sport.

Fast forward a few years to being married and pregnant and finding out I am having a boy of my own.  I have to say one of the very first things that popped into my head was "I'll have a baseball player of my own!"  Even though they are a little young to be playing, I will admit there is a big huge bat hanging in their room and baseball quilts on their beds.  I guess I'm hoping if they sleep in a baseball themed room they will dream it all in, and one day wake up wanting to play the sport.

So about 3 years ago I found this kit during Shop Hop.  A baseball themed turning twenty quilt?  Easy, fast, big, and baseballs... a dream quilt for a girl like me.  I have to say the backing fabric of baseballs is my favorite part....

Or maybe the binding - I have been hoarding this Minick and Simpson Prairie Paisley plaid since it came out.  The binding was actually made about a year ago and the fat quarters have been ironed for a year!  I finally got around to making the blocks in May, sewed it together in June at my little get away, got it quilted and bound on Saturday.  Just in time to use it Saturday night at Draper Days.  Crazy how I had to have it done in time to sit and watch fireworks from it.  Makes the perfect picnic, baseball watching, firework gazing quilt.

I'm so glad I finally got this 3 year in the making project completed!  And what could be better then one baseball quilt?  You guessed it - two!  I pulled another one together while I made these blocks.  Just need to get the backing made so I can quilt that one.  Its on my to finish list for July.  I have to say I am 3 quilts away from completing the whole list....that could be a first for me!  I had a productive week so stay tuned!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Menu Mondays

I feel like we've got a lot of chicken on this weeks menu - but Mike is still going no carb and I'm working to reduce my calories - and I have a lot of pinned recipes to try out! 

Monday - Pesto Chicken w/ fruit and salad
Tuesday - Chicken bites and homemade ceasar salad (24th of July BBQ)
Wednesday - Shredded Pork with Cilantro Coleslaw (Picnic at the park)
Thursday - Creamy Lemon Pasta
Friday - Chinese Cabbage Salad
Saturday - Ramen Stir Fry
Sunday - Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Monday, July 16, 2012

Menu Mondays

Mike has decided to go no carb on me again - which has made us all eat a little heathier and a little less this last week.  So I'm starting the week out right.  Green smoothie, healthy snack food, good meals.  I even set my alarm to get up and exercise.  I didn't actually get out of bed, but the fact that I had the alarm set to go off 3 different times is something isn't it?  I'll get it in tonight - it is my ONLY goal to hit for the day!

Monday - chicken, pepper, onions, pineapple and asparagus meatball kabobs, fruit, green salad
Tuesday - Pork Tacos in lettuce wraps w/fruit
Wednesday - Blue Cheese Hamburgers w/bacon and swiss cheese (not healthy, but having a BBQ)
Thursday - Asian Chicken Salad
Friday - Left over pork
Saturday - Pesto Chicken w/salad

Friday, July 6, 2012

Secret Garden Wedding Quilt

I had bought some Secret Garden fabric by Sandi Henderson and wasn't sure exactly what I should make with it.  I wanted something that showcased the fabrics well and let some of the big floral prints stay big.  

I then remembered the pattern Skipping Stones by Cluck Cluck Sew and a match in heaven was made - just like the cute couple I gave the quilt to.  

My cousin Kerry was getting married - and for some reason I felt like these fabrics would fit her.  I hope she feels the same.

She was nice enough to snap these photos for me, cause in my hurry to get it bound for the wedding I forgot to take pictures.  I got it bound literally minutes before leaving for the reception.

I really enjoyed this pattern.  It has about 4 or so different blocks and I liked that I could cut it up one night, and sew together a set of blocks quickly each night when I had the time.  The quilt itself went together rather quickly.

This fabric line is one of my favorites.  Love how the bright coral colors pop.  I'll have to find something to make myself now!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Menu Mondays

Going to try a few new recipes this week.  Hopefully work will be slow and I can spend some time with my kids!

Monday - Spaghetti w/homemade sauce and savory bread
Tuesday - Creamy Lemon Pasta w/fruit
Wednesday - 4th of July BBQ - Cilantro Thai Grill Chicken w/ corn on the cob and a fruit salad - and     maybe for dessert I'll have to try these
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Easy Chicken recipe

Trying to put all my time on Pinterest to good use this week!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Today was a lazy day - it was suppose to be a productive day with the house being cleaned, a few hours in the sun, and a quilt to be completed.

Sadly none of that happened.

Instead I spent a few hours out with the kids, didn't force them to take naps and now I'm getting ready to head out for a few hours with the kids - sans naps....wish me luck.

A few things we did get accomplished which made Sunday just right.

Source: pauladeen.com via Abby on Pinterest

This pina colada drink is great - we all loved it - even my card carrying hot dog, coke drinking, oreo only dieter Sam.  Its a wonderful treat for hot days.  I even put the left overs into some popsicle molds for a treat in a day or two.

We also had our version of fight club.  With the kids not taking naps everyone is a little more sensitive and a few fights have broken out this afternoon.

Although these sweet faces look like they are hugging and loving each other....don't be fooled

This is Sam pulling Jake into a head lock.  

And now the sleeper hold

This is what I walked in and saw when I first entered the room.  It was so cute I ran out to grab the camera.

When I climbed up to get a better look, this is what I found....

Fight club in session

I learned two lessons today - 1) never leave small napless children unattended on a top bunk and 2) my life with 2 boys is always going to be like this, isn't it?