Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Client Quilts

A look at a few quilts from the last few months - 

Bubbles was the quilt pattern used. 
I love a good jelly roll stripe quilt!  I want fall to be here!

 Quilted Harvest Time - which looked so cute, even though its hard to tell in these pictures.  

Looked great on the minky

This is a quilt/table runner combo.  By adding a runner to the bottom of her quilt Kathy didn't have to pay the minimum quilting rate - GREAT IDEA!

She picked Rapture - I hadn't used it before and really like how it turned out!

Love how it looks on minky!

I love grey and yellow - this quilt was so fun to quilt.  

Loops and Daisies fit it perfectly. 

Love how this pattern looks on minky!

 Pictures this day were too bright - and the pictures do not do this quilt justice!  It was such a cool design to see.  

 We tried a newer design called Modern Leaves and I love how it turned out!
Again, sun was bright  so hard to see, but this pattern is really cute!

 I believe this is a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern made by Jodi from Pleasant Home for a gift.  

We did Bubbles on this one - which is perfect with the geometric fabrics and baby quilt.  

I love this next block.  I know its simple, but every time I see it - I love it!

We used Aspen Canopy on this quilt and it fit it great!

I LOVED this backing fabric with all the fall words
This cute little baby quilt I fell in love with.  Love all the different designs and random block sizes.  

We used Feathered Wave, which looked awesome (again even though it was hard to see)

 This fun quilt by Allison is made from a Basic Grey line I believe.  

She chose Target for her design and I love this pattern.  Simple, adds texture.  Looks great on everything!

Here is a view from the back.

That's all for today - I'm getting into Christmas quilts - so stay tuned to start drooling over them!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Random Ramblings

Its late Sunday night (Monday morning) and I have to leave on a business trip in the morning.  I've done this before - many times, but the whole week being gone doesn't happen often.  I never thought having kids would change me so much.  I never thought being away from them for a few days would fill me with so much anxiety.  I never thought I'd be such a homebody!  

The red bull I drank tonight to get everything done - wasn't a good idea as now I can't sleep, up wondering what I'm forgetting for my trip, what I'm forgetting to have ready for my kids and Mike.  The joys of motherhood.  

This time of year - with school starting, getting back into a routine and a schedule - I think of all the things I want for my kids.  How can I help them grow?  How do I teach them what is important in life.  How do I teach Sam the sounds of the letters!  How do I find more time to read to Jake.  I find myself picking between reading to him, having him read to me, taking a shower - why can't I find the time to fit it all in?  How do I find a way to balance work, quilting, house work, homework, being a decent wife, and mother?  I know this is the universal question we all ask and hope to achieve.  

My goal or word this year was balance.  A few months ago I changed jobs.  I had been at my old place of business for 18 years - half my life.  It was a hard decision to leave - even when I wasn't happy - it was life changing.  But I've moved to another company that gives me the opportunity to work from home daily - and gives me a better work/home balance and I haven't looked back or regretted the decision once.  This summer I have tried to spend more time outside with the kids.  The sun does us all good!  But as a mother - you always worry about what you're not doing.  I haven't worked with them enough over the summer.  What are they forgetting?  Are they in enough activities?  Are they getting enough attention?  

My red bull ramblings for the night....my friend takes ambien and then sews and texts me and doesn't remember much in the morning - I have a feeling I'll feel the same about this in the morning!  By the time this posts - I'll be on my way home.  My kids will have had a wonderful week with Disneyland Dad, and grandma's that spoil them with attention.  And all my worrying and anxiety will have been for nothing.  But boy do I hate not seeing these cute little faces EVERY day.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Three Tours Wave Quilting Design

Right now, I'm a little obsessed with this quilting design.  

When I first downloaded this design - I didn't think much of it.  It was from a Gammill release - free - didn't really enter my mind to start using it. 

Then Cindy decided she wanted it on this quilt.  Leave it to Cindy - I have followed her blog for years and her taste in fabric and patterns is like no other.  Every quilt she makes is amazing.  And every quilt she makes I want to copy!  She has an eye like no other and I'm always amazed at how perfect her quilts turn out.  

She sent me this quilt - I have to be honest, I've seen this pattern out there, and it isn't one I had to make.  I like it, but I'm ok without making it.  

She picked the 3 Tours Wave design - and I almost thought it was odd.  I hadn't used it before.  I was excited to try it - but didn't have high expectations. 

BOY WAS I WRONG!  Again - leave it to Cindy to know exactly what this quilt needed.  The whole time I was quilting this I stared at it.  I loved the quilt pattern - the solid plus signs that stand out - the way the Wave design adds movement.  I loved everything about this quilt.  I threw a picture up on Instagram and everyone else loved it too!  

To top it off - she used Ikea backing -which fit it perfectly.  

Thanks Cindy for introducing me to this design - I LOVE IT - I push it on people like a drug now because I think it looks so good on everything!  When I grow up I want to have an eye like Cindy and be able to make amazing quilts!  Thanks!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Client Quilts

Quick post - with lots of pictures and not very many words or links!  

Swoon pattern by Camille Roskelley (if you live under a rock!)

Baptist quilting design

Marmalade fabric by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.

Round and Round quilt pattern (by Camille again)

Scrumptious fabric by Bonnie and Camille

Modern Twist quilting design.

Cute dog fabric by Basic Grey

Bones quilting pattern. 

 Dreaming Fields quilting design.

Big City quilt pattern by Prairie Grass (I had to buy it while I was quilting this love it!)
Audrey's flower quilting design

Red Letter Day by Camille Roskelley

Geometric quilting design went great with the fabric!

Spell it with Moda quilt
 Baptist Fan Quilting
 Loved the fun filler blocks!
 Starlight by Camille Roskelley
 Orange Peel quilting design
 Love how this block looks 3 dimensional!
 Flower Berries quilting design

 I was chasing the sun!
 Clamshells quilting - never can go wrong!
 Loved the design of this quilt - SO MUCH WORK!  I think these are my favorite quilts to quilt because I will never make a quilt with this many pieces.  I'm in awe the whole time I have it in my hands!

I loved the fun bright backing too!
On a Whim by Camille Roskelley

Syringa Paradise Quilting pattern

 Layer Cake quilt along from Material Girls on IG
 Splat quilting design
 Pinwheel Sampler by Rachel Griffith
 One Cloudy Day quilt pattern - LOVED THIS QUILT!