Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Client Quilts

Wanted to share a few client quilts today - not a lot of time -so more pictures then talking!
She chose 30's Flower - doesn't it look so cool on the solid backing!

Neesha sent this ginormous Fig Tree quilt that was to die for!

She chose Chantilly Lace - perfect for this simply elegant quilt!

Look at the solid backing again!

How'd this picture get here?  haha - when I take pictures of quilts - some days Sam decides to lay out his own quilts and do his own photo shoot.  So sad that he picks the ugly lego fluffy blanket instead of one I made him!  He also changed up his pj attire this day and went for Superman instead of his daily spiderman jammies.

Next up is a Scrappy Trip quilt - I never tire of seeing these!  I LOVE looking at all the pieces of fabric and tell myself I need to get going on my own.  Its like a scrapbook of fabrics - each one telling a story or bringing back a memory. 

Scrappy Trips are always busy and hard to see any kind of quilting.  Just want with a simple loops and swirls on this one and it turned out great!  Every time I quilt loops I wonder why I don't more often.  Did you know before I had my own longarm this is the pattern I picked 95% of the time?  I just love the simplicity of it. 
Neesha's other quilt was this Milky Way quilt out of Avalon both by Fig Tree (pattern and fabric) I.LOVE.THIS.QUILT - it has been on my to do list since the moment the pattern was released.  I love it.  BUT - after quilting it - I fear I will never actually make it.  So many little pieces! 

She chose Starlight - perfect for this quilt!

And the backing -
I have a few more I'll share later this week - come on back to see!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Menu Mondays

Monday - we call it al la carte at my house - everyone eats what they want - we have leftover Spaghetti, chef salad, and mini bagel sandwiches (mini bagels, cream cheese, turkey and cheese - so yummy!)

Tuesday - Balsamic Honey Chicken w/salad and fruit
Wednesday - Shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches w/pretzel jello
Thursday - Ham and Cheese Hot Wheels w/fruit
Friday - Cashew Chicken w/rice
Saturday - Meatball Sub Casserole w/salad

This week I'll also be trying a Scrambled Omelet and Eggs in a whole for breakfast. And these easy pizza's for lunch with the kids

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Patterns - and a $50 Giveaway towards Quilting - WINNER ANNOUNCED

***** Thanks everyone who left me comments and feedback on how to organize my boards.  I really appreciate it!  The winner of the $50 credit towards quilting is Aimee Marshall who said "Oh my goodness, I love them all so it was hard to pick just one! I really love the sea scape though!!"
Congrats Aimee - email me ( with your information and I'll send you the details!
Thanks everyone for playing along!  *****************

I've had a list of new patterns for the last few months that I've been slow about adding to my pinterest page. 

I spent some time getting things updated and I've added over 100 new designs!  I've add all shapes and sizes, from flowers, to feathers, to baby, to modern.  All price ranges too - added a whole bunch to the lower range of $.0125 per inch.  Always looking for fun new patterns that are more affordable for everyone. 
Here are a few of my favorite new ones! 



Now for the giveaway part. Go take a look at my pattern page - come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite pattern is.  And/or if you'd like the patterns separated by category.  Currently I have them all on 1 board - plus on price per inch boards.  Been thinking about adding categories (as in Christmas, Feathers, Flowers, Modern etc).  Let me know what you think.  I'll choose a winner on Sunday March 23rd - for a $50 gift card towards quilting services from Latimer Lane Quilting.  If you aren't following me on Instagram start following me and let me know and you'll get a 2nd entry.  Good luck!  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Client Quilts

I know I shared some yesterday - but I've been so behind in showing quilts the last few months - I always have good intentions of staying caught up - but life gets in the way.  So I'm going to post a few here this week to get through them all.
You all have kept me busy the last month!  I received over 120 quilts in January alone!  Nothing like a little $.01 per inch sale to motivate you all to finish up some quilts!  Obviously I'm still getting through these quilts and appreciate your patience.  Once I get caught up I'll be offering some specials - so stay tuned! 
Hope you enjoy so more fabulous quilts today.  I have to tell you - this job is the best as I get inspiration delivered to my door each day.  My to do list is getting longer and longer and I love it! 
I love quilting for Holly because I love how she puts fabrics together, the patterns she picks and she's got pretty flawless taste in my opinion.  Makes quilting these puppies up so fun to stare at!
She made a simple 9 patch out of Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille.  Who knew a 9 patch could be so eye catching!    
She chose Hatch as the quilt pattern (which I've currently removed as a pattern option as I'm working out some issues with the pattern) But doesn't it look amazing!  I was worried it was too small at first, but what a striking impact it makes! 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this quilt - this hatch design adds such great texture and worked well with the simple 9 patches.  Holly used this fun button/flower print on the back - which I promptly ordered myself a bolt to back all of the Scrumptious quilts I now need to make...Thanks Holly...

Her next quilt I have to say was probably my favorite in the bunch.  I LOVE the combo of pink and green together - my long lost daughters (whom I'll never have) has a pink and green room in my imagination.  So I was in love from the get go with this quilt. 

A few pinwheels, stars, squares, 9 patches in pink and green random scraps and lines.  I love how this quilts was put together - I usually stick to lines so I am always in awe when people are able to pick random fabrics and end up with something so beautiful!  I think the polka dot border just sets it all off.  One of my most favorites prints ever!

Holly chose Clamshells which is one of my favorites (do I say that about every pattern?) but really you can't go wrong with clams.  They are perfect on every quilt.  The cute house backing just adds to this perfect quilt.  In all honestly - Holly is so lucky to have gotten this one back...

Holly's next quilt was a Round and Round.  What I love about Holly's quilt is that she did a rainbow of blocks.  What a fun and different idea to this wonderful pattern - but adds a uniqueness that is all her own.   

Holly used Orange Peel - which I think is required at this point with a Round and Round.  (I blame Carrie, she started this with her Round and Round!) But as I said yesterday - with the open spaces, kind of meant to be together! 

Her fun apple backing fabric!  What did I tell you - flawless taste this one has! 


Monday, March 17, 2014

Client Quilts

Its been awhile - so prepare from some pictures below!
First up is Jenene who brought me this beautiful basket quilt. 
She chose Feathered Garden which looked great on this quilt - didn't over power the baskets but added great texture and design!

Michelle brought me this beautiful Round and Round

She went with the Orange Peel design - I kind of feel like these patterns were made for each other.  The Orange Peel looks so great in the open wide spaces of the Round and Round pattern.

Next up is Marsha's cute baby quilt.  I love these pinwheels and the bright fun colors!

She went with Chantilly Lace - which is such a classic design you can't go wrong.  I think this one looks good on everything!

Marsha's next quilt is this cute Michael Miller transportation panel.  I LOVE this fabric!  I bought it 7 plus years ago for Jake when I was pregnant and have never done anything with it!  But I've seen it out and about again so I think its been reprinted. 

Marsha wanted Bubbles which was fitting with the fun feel and polka dot borders and backing! Bubbles is one of my most favorite patterns - looks good on everything!

Next up is Marianne's "Hot Flash" quilt as she calls it!  Its crazy and busy and such a fun quilt! 

We went back and forth on what design to use because it was busy - and settled on Splat.  I call Splat my groovy pattern - I love how big and fun it is, which worked perfectly for this quilt!

Marianne's next quilt is this cute pinwheel quilt.  I LOVE the bright fun colors.  Makes me hope spring is around the corner!
Marianne let me decide on the pattern for this one - we had talked about Splat but I didn't want to use it twice in her batch of quilts - so I went with Retro Flowers - I have to tell you this is my FAVORITE flower pattern right now. 

I love the big flowers, swirls and leaves - perfect fit and looks great on every type of quilt.  And trust me I've used it a few times lately!  I also love this cute purse backing she chose! 

This next quilt is Eileen's and I can't get over how much I love this pattern she chose. 

She picked Deb's Feathered Rose - I first saw this pattern over at Quilt Hollow and quickly inquired about where she got the pattern.  She was so nice and helpful.  So I've used it on quilts in the past - and I liked it ok.  It is a REALLY dense pattern - and even though I'm a longarm quilter - I don't love dense quilting (am I crazy?) So after I used it a few times - it wasn't my favorite pattern.   

But Eileen picked it and I used this solid pink backing she sent along.  I was thinking how cool the quilting would look on this backing - so I enlarged the pattern a little.  Still dense, but oh my gosh - I REALLY love this pattern now!  The feathers were more defined the rose looked gorgeous.  I think when I did it before it was smaller and maybe seemed too busy for my taste.... but seeing it big - I now need to make a quilt of my own for this pattern.  So pretty and elegant! 

Goes to show me I still have a lot to learn and I love playing with all these patterns.  Thanks for getting this far - I have more to share this week in the client quilts section so check back tomorrow!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Menu Mondays

So last week I had a birthday and as I get older - it gets harder.  We spent a lovely week in Vegas and Newport Beach.  I spent one afternoon at the beach - and fried my face.  Ever since I got home I keep thinking - I should have put sunscreen on.  A thought I have rarely had in my life.  I'm a big believer in the sun is good for the soul and my mom taught me at a very young age how to be "one with the sun".  But as I get older I start to think about skin cancer - and ugly sun spots - and wrinkles....(Ok I'm not really worried too much about wrinkles - I think they add character).  But this last week I have thought a lot about my health. 

I am getting older and my kids are still young.  I need to be around for them.  I want to be healthy and active with them.  I am and have been since giving birth to Sam at my all time high - and I've been too busy with kids and work and quilting to make getting healthy a priority in my life.  I'm not a dieter and I have NO will power.  ZERO.  I start eating good - and someone offers me a donut 3 hours later and I'll eat it.  So clearly I have a life style change ahead of me.  I decided this year - is my year to get in shape and feel healthy.  I don't get enough sleep, I feel sluggish, and most my life is ran on Red Bull.  I hope over the next few months I can change things up every week to progress and make life long changes.  I'm not a all or nothing kind of girl - I'm going to do this gradually - and this week I'm going to start with cooking decent meals at home - and adding a little workout to give me some energy and get me going. 

So here is my menu for the week - wish me luck!
Monday - Baked Chicken Pesto (Jake's Favorite!)
Wednesday - Sloppy Joe Pizzas
Thursday - Melt in your Mouth Chicken w/salad and fruit
Friday - Tacos w/fruit
Saturday - Chicken Enchiladas

A lot of chicken on the menu this week - but I'm trying to get through what I have in the fridge.  Trying some new recipes to get me motivated I'll let you know how they turn out!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

April Shower's Fabric Has Arrived!

April Showers yardage has arrived!  I didn't get every print - but most of the basics.  Polka dots, stripes, berry, ginghams and the cutest little umbrella's you've ever seen - its here!
A few of my favorites!  If you're interested head over to my shop and pick some up!  I'm still waiting on the grey and yellow color ways - and a few more bolts - but I've listed what I have. RUN over and grab some before it's too late!