Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Day of Firsts

Being a working mom sometimes sucks.  Today - my little guy Jake had a big first for him - he went skiing for the first time!  It sucks because I stayed at home to get some work done and missed his first big day.  As we were getting him ready to head out - he said to me (sitting in the bathroom so cute in his little long johns) "I'm kind of nervous mom".  His nerves must have faded quickly because once he was at his lesson he was asking the instructor when he get on a lift.

Here is is walking to the slopes with his instructor.  Note to anyone wanting to take a lesson - go to Alta, during the day - midweek - he basically got a private lesson as there was only 1 other kid who left the lesson before it even began.

Luckily I Mike was around to take a few pictures, some video and give me a few play by plays.

It was a beautiful day to be outside - sunny and not crowded at all.  Jake loved it, so we will be heading back out real soon.

Back at the ranch (Tal do you remember that reference?)  This little guy had a first of his own - he told me he had to pee - went to the toilet pulled down his diaper and peed all by himself.  Too much info?  But we are proud - we jumped around screaming "I did it!"  He was very excited.

It was a big deal all round - whether it be skiing our peeing my boys had a few firsts!

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