Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Star Cakes

I was so excited to take this quilt off the quilting frames.  It took me awhile to get it quilted, and the whole time it was on the machine I was worried about how it would look.  Once I laid it out I was pleasantly surprised. 

I think it turned out great.  I love the colors in the Park Avenue line.  I made this for Material Girls and now that its done I'm anxious to get it back.  This pattern is a fun, easy pattern.  Just uses a layer cake and some background yardage.  Goes together so fast.  I believe Material Girls will have kits so go get one now!


polly said...

it's beautiful!

Amber said...

Wow, you are one talented chick! You need to teach me how to quilt!

Heidi said...

I love it, Ab. Totally cute.

Hannah said...

one of my dreams is to be able to make a quilt.

you amaze me. your quilts are always fabulous and perfect. someday, someday...maybe i'll be able to put one together.

totally cute. i love it.

Chris {frecklemama} said...

I just happened to come across this post and had a happy chuckle. I live outside of Atlanta. At the first (I think) Sewing Summit, I saw this quilt hanging high up in the shop. It struck me as lovely, simple, do-able and a perfect go-to gift quilt. I bought some Strawberry Fields fabric and immediately made one for my ill Father-In-Law who was battling colon cancer. He went through tough treatment and lived two more years. That quilt sheltered him in his final days of hospice last year. The Star Cakes quilt is so close to my heart and special to me. I have started another one because it's such a great pattern. I never knew you did the original! I am thrilled to find out the person behind the quilt that inspired me to make that one for my beloved in-laws. I wanted you to know that it made an impression on me in my quick visit to Material Girls and became a special part of our lives and memories :-)