Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Thoughts

A lot of people the last year or two, myself included, have picked a word for the year.  To be honest I don't even remember my word I picked last year - so really what is the point if I'm not going to follow through?

Over the last few weeks - without even realizing it I think a word picked me.  Organized.  As in my life needs some organization.  The last 2 weeks I have changed a few things - listed out what we should accomplish certain nights of the week, started a menu back up, cleaned my house - and it has actually stayed clean (that hasn't happened in 4 years!) I've given myself a few easy tasks each day or over the weekend and said to myself, "if I don't accomplish anything else, this will get done" and it has worked.  For example this weekend it was to get a quilt hanging back up on my rack above the stairs.  I have been staring at a blank wall far to long.  It might be 8pm on Sunday - but it got hung!

I don't like to clean (who does) and I get really ornery when I clean.  Folding clothes is even worse.  So I've started with a concept - fold clothes as they come out of the dryer....what?  I know...what an idea.  Clean up nightly so each morning the house is in some kind of order.  And now I've made Sunday mornings my cleaning day - We ran through the house to pick up, did a little vacuuming, dusting, hit the bathrooms, mopped the kitchen floor...who knew I could get the whole house cleaned in under 2 hours when it started out fairly picked up?

What a difference the last week has made with me sticking to my schedule.  Game night on Monday was fun, spending time with the kids throughout the week did us all some good.  Clean house, means happy mom - who knew?  I've had time to sew and didn't even feel guilty about it this weekend!

I have even started cleaning out my sewing room.  Oh that is a task I'll tell you and won't happen over night.  I clean a little then have to stop and sew.  I keep thinking I can sew my way out of the mess.  If I start on this project on the floor - I'll be able to see it again, right?  Not so much, so even though no one but me can tell it is a little cleaner this weekend - it actually is.  Give me a few more weeks and I'll have this place in top order!

Organized - I'm usually fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl - but I'm kind of liking this scheduled change of pace.

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Eliza Jane said...

My word this year is "whimsical".