Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adoring Star - Christmas Quilt Project

My 2nd quilt is completed in my quilting project.  LOVE how this one turned out.  I love this pattern as it is quick and easy - yet still looks like a pattern.  I've actually made two of these as part of my project.

This is the only quilt I made using actual Christmas fabrics.  This is Adoring by Sandy Gervais and was her Christmas line a year or so ago.  I was at the house of the recipients of this quilt a few weeks ago and felt like their couch was missing a little something - this would look great added to her already green and red Christmas decor.  I am going to delivery this one early so they can enjoy it for a week or so before the holiday season ends.

Above is a close up of the fabrics - polka dots, pine boughs, holly berries, ornaments - all fun holiday prints.

I had a piece in my stash from a previous Sandy Gervais line that goes along great.  Nice to use some of my stash!

For the binding I used cream plaid with green and red - cut on the bias.  I think it turned out well.  I don't usually use lighter colors for my binding so I was a little nervous - but liked how it pulled all the colors together.

This one is hard to part with - isn't it fun when a quilt turns out better then you had hopes for?  Exciting thing is - I have enough to do another star with these fabrics - so I might get a little table topper to keep myself!

Two down - 4 more to go!

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