Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Boy Swoon Quilt

I knew when we were in Hawaii - I would spend a lot more time than I actually wanted to in our room.  That is what happens with a almost 2 year old.  So I took a few quilt projects with me.  We hit Costco up and I bought a sewing machine.  I used it for 12 days - taking very good care of it - and returned it on day wasy the only way I could think of to stay sane without having to lug my sewing machine all the way to Hawaii.  It worked like a charm.  I got several projects done.  One being this cute little quilt.

I was throwing a shower shortly after returning home - so my goal was to get the swoon block done in Hawaii - which I accomplished.  Came home, threw a big white border on it, quilted it, and had it bound with about 12 hours to spare.  This quilt turned out better than I had hoped.  I was a little nervous with the smaller square sized quilt as the gift - but love the end result. 

I used Sweetwater's Hometown line which I am loving right now.  The blues and greys are perfect for any little boy.  This was a very clean very, classy look, which is exactly what I think of when I think of Eliza who is about to have baby #1!  I loved the back polka dot almost as much as the front. 

I'm glad it matches her nursery so well.  If you haven't gotten the Swoon pattern yet - run out and do it!  I'm still working on my big size swoon out of Hometown, but have had fun making a baby size and a fall table runner using just one block.  Its a great pattern.

Thanks Eliza for sending me the pics!  Can't wait to meet T3!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival

I have visited Amy's blog often and have always loved looking at the quilts posted during the Bloggers Festival each year.  I decided this year to be brave and post my own.  Thanks for stopping by to see my quilt - and thanks to everyone who posted one of their own.  I have LOVED looking at them all.

The last festival I spent a whole afternoon marking the pages of quilts I had to go back to awe over and even make.  My Bliss Zig Zag quilt was inspired (copied) from a quilt I sew during the last festival.

Every day I'm so excited to jump back on and see the new ones added!  I'm so glad Amy created this venue for all us quilters to enjoy!

So on with the show....

The quilt I chose was a pattern from the book Laps from Fats.  I used Shangri La by Moda's 3 Sisters.  This quilt was fun for me to make for several reasons.  I loved the fabric line, the reds, creams, browns, and greens are so me.  I loved each step of the piecing.  I don't do a ton of more time consuming quilts and this was a fun challenge for me.  I also started this quilt before Jake was born, and it was the first one I finished up once I was a new mom.  It was my outlet and my way of getting back into the swing of things.

I had a bigger border on it originally and used my favorite print from the line, which was a small flower.  Once it was on the quilt, I felt it was way too busy and took away from all the piecing, so I just left the little stop border on the quilt and bound it up.  I LOVE the stripe bias binding.

This was a fun quilt for me to make, and makes me happy every time I pull it out.  It will be on display over my stairs come January for a few months.  Can't wait to bring it out again.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy quilt hunting.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Conversations with Jake

Going cross eye while channeling the force

me: I have another call I have to get on so I'm going to...
Jake (interrupting me): Blah blah blah, same as last time we know....

a) how does he already have the attitude of a teenager?
b) I obviously worked from home too much this week

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake

Happy 4th Birthday
I can't believe my baby is turning 4 today.  How you've been counting down the days.  The hours spent on youtube looking up toys and telling people what they should give you.  I am so excited  you are at an age that you help plan and prepare for big events like today.

The last four years have been the best in my life.  I have loved watching you grow.  I notice more and more each day how you aren't my little baby anymore.  I marvel at all the strides you've made, lessons you've learned, things you say in your short four years.  It seems like just yesterday I woke up at 4am with my water broken and spent a day waiting for your arrival.  You arrived 3 weeks early and have been early to the party ever since.  You seem to excel fast at everything you put your mind to.  So curious about life, always wanting to learn new words, new games, go to new places.

I have no idea how a child of mine says things like "I'm going to invent a medical transport" or "When I get big I"m going to find a way to get into the iPad" (he literally wants to be in the iPad or tv).  You are so smart and your vocabulary continues to amaze me.  You often use bigger words than I do, and a few I don't know how to spell!

Jake, you are the light of my world and bring such joy into our lives.  You are the best big brother Sam could ever hope for.  You are sweet and kind and make me laugh every day.  I am so grateful you were sent to me.

Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Vacation

Laying at the pool
Naps during the day
Sand Castles
Soccer on the grass
A little sewing time
Cut the rope games with Jake
Six O'clock bed times
Walks holding Sam's little hand
Happy news
Lazy days of doing whatever we want
Nearly perfect weather all 12 days
Kids playing together

Couldn't ask for a better time.  Diet is going to start as soon as I get home!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Wonder

I've had a lot of thoughts about my little one on this trip....

I wonder...will you always have the same energy and excitment for life?
I wonder...when your little baby breath will go away.
I wonder...when our conversations will become more than one word and pointing - and will I miss that?

I wonder...when you will give up naps completely - as you fight sleep like no baby I've ever met.
I wonder... how you can wake up running - literally
I wonder... if your diet will ever be more then milk, coke, chocolate, fries and hotdogs. 

I wonder... when you will stop wanting to cuddle
I wonder... when I pick you up will you stop tucking your arms in
I wonder... when I get home and you run to me, when that will stop

I wonder... will there ever be a time that you and Jake are best friends, without the fights?
I wonder... will you ever sleep through the night.

I wonder with so much fun to look forward to, with hopefully easier communication and the baby stage of crying coming to an end (please let the crying come to an end)...I wonder if I will miss my little baby.  He is my last little one - and I'm amazed at how quickly time goes by.  Each day we find ourselves saying - "I can't wait for this" or "In another year we can do that".  This last week I have found myself watching and wondering - how many of these little traits will change as he gets bigger and bigger - and how much I will long for the days when our conversations were "look" as he pointed, and that is all that needed to be said.

The sweet, devilish little one I have now is slowly but surely becoming a toddler before my very eyes. 

I much longer I have to hold onto my last little guy....