Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Park Avenue Place Mats

Awhile back I purchased my first Moda Scrap Bag which contained strips of Park Avenue long before it hit stores.  It sat in my sewing room (as most of my fabric does) until a few weeks ago.  I decided to just make a strip table topper out of the scraps.  I was able to get two, but didn't like the size they ended up being.  So I cut them up and turned them into 4 place mats!  I had never done place mats before, and must say I love these.

They can be used separately as a little table topper or....

set the table with a few.

These were quick and easy - With the scraps leftover from quilting projects a few more could be whipped up in no time.  What a cute shower gift to give someone!  Who knew scraps could be so much fun?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baked Oatmeal

I've tried this recipe a couple of times now.  Using this recipe Baked Oatmeal I have been adding peaches instead of the cranberries and raisins and it is SO good.  I put a little whip cream on top of Jakes and he begged for more this morning.  Something he doesn't do often with food.  Sam even had a little bowl of it. 

With the mornings starting out a little cooler lately, this is a great start to the day.  Try it!

Image from here 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Monday

I had this meatball hero sub listed as my new recipe to try out last week.   I can't explain in words how good it was.  So delicious!  Mike LOVED it, Jake gobbled it up and asked for more.  To say the least it was a huge success and I will be adding it to our dinner rotation.  Give it a try, I BEG you!

Monday - Sushi - Mike's birthday so we're going out!
Tuesday - Southwest Chicken Wraps
Wednesday - Pot Roast w/ mashed potatoes
Thursday - BBQ Pork Sandwiches - didn't get to these last week
Friday - Spaghetti w/salad and garlic bread
Saturday - Hawaiian Haystacks
Sunday - Taco Soup

Image from Kelly at accordingtokelly

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harvest Boutique

I am lucky enough to be involved in the 2nd Harvest Boutique here in Utah.  We had a great time and success 2 years ago that we all jumped in to give the Boutique another go.  This year we will be moving the Boutique to Park City and we are all so excited!  Please mark the date on your calendar.  Tell all your friends.  Plan to spend the day with us and make it a girls trip to Park City for the day!

I have been and will continue to be busy whipping quilted items up to be sold at the Boutique.  I am also listing the items on my Etsy shop Gracielane Lane Quilts for any out of towners who are interested in getting in on the fun.  

For more information check out Marta's blog here.  She gives all the details.  Throughout the month of October I will be posted a few pictures of the artists who are joining in the Boutique.  

Hope to see you there!

Image by Marta from MartaWrites

Saturday, September 25, 2010


The binding is FINALLY finished.  Last week we took a little trip to Florida (it was SO hot), and I took a few quilts with me to bind so I could feel productive.  I have had this quilt completed for a month or so now and just need to get going on the binding.  I am so glad I finished it.  Both the boys love this quilt.  I was originally going to sell it, but Jake keeps telling me how much he loves his "nice and cuddly car quilt".  So I guess he gets to keep it.

I used this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew and I love how quick and easy, yet cute this quilt is.  I think it might be my new go to baby quilt gift pattern.  I have some old fish fabric that I love that I think could look cute in this pattern. 

I have to say the backing fabric could be a quilt all on its own!  Love the big cars. (Excuse the wrinkles it was packed in a suitcase for a day or so).

I had bought a new gadget for my quilt machine which locks the wheels for straight line quilting.  I decided to give them a try on this quilt.  I didn't measure the lines at all, just added a few to each row.  I really like how it turned out, although next time I will measure to even things out.  It sure made straight line quilting a dream though!

All in all I'm loving this quilt.  Cute, fun, easy to put together.  It was a good size without being overly expense to buy fabric for.  I think its also a great pattern for pulling from my stash too.  Would more could a quilter ask for?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Star is Born

Using the Star Burst pattern in the book Charmed and Dangerous by Anka's Treasures a star has been born.  I just need to add the borders and I'm done.  I bought this fabric yesterday.  Luna Notte by 3 Sisters for Moda.  I LOVE this line (do I say that about all 3 Sisters lines?).

I'm using the blue from the points of the star for a stop border and the black center of the star for the big border.  It will end up being 52 x 52.  A great size for a wall hanging or a table topper.

This pattern came together quick and easy.  I can't wait to get the borders on and get this quilted.

I've actually been getting a lot done lately.  Will share some finished projects in the up coming days!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Menu Monday - a day late

I'm trying really hard to lose weight as always, and stop spending so much at the grocery store, so I'm back to posting my menus each week. 

Monday - Salsa Chicken
Tuesday - Garden burgers w/fruit
Wednesday - Maple Salmon on the Grill  - SO GOOD! w/veggies
Thursday - Meatball Subs - new recipe to try this week w/salad
Friday - Chicken Curry over rice
Saturday - BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Sunday - Chicken Tenders and spinach/strawberry salad

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Been Quilting

I love these fabrics, love this quilt, so it made it quilting it a dream!  I tried out a pantograph.  I haven't done many of those, so it took me a bit longer then usual, but I'm happy with the results.  Hope my customer is happy!

Quilt Pattern is Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson's Design.  Fabric is Masion de Noel by 3 Sisters for Moda.  Quilting Pantograph is Chantilly Lace

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Tribute

Every year my mom would break out the fall decorations and change the house up a bit for fall.  We started referring to this tradition as Fall Tribute (or "Tribute" for short). 

I've continued this tradition in my own house, and I have to say its one of my favorites!  Here are a few pictures of what Tribute looks like at my house this year.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunch Break

Tuesdays I work from home.  My goal each Tuesday is to get the kids to nap at the same time.  This doesn't happen often.  So when it happened this last Tuesday, I decided to take a real lunch break.  I ran downstairs and made the most of my hour.  At the end of it, I had this completed!

Fabric is Lumiere de Noel by French General for Moda.  Pattern is The Every Day Table Topper from Anka's Treasures.  The book is Charmed and Dangerous and has a lot of great patterns.  This one can be made in an hour (or so) during your lunch break!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a fun family filled Labor Day weekend.

**If anyone can please give me advice on how to get my 2 year old and my 9 month old to look at the camera at the same time I'd forever be in your debt!

Friday night Sam, Jake and I spent the evening swimming.  Mike had to work late, so we played and splashed around for a few hours.

Early Saturday morning Mike decided to start a "small" project of moving our TV in the bedroom from the bookshelf to the wall.  We wrapped up the "small project at about 5pm on Saturday night.  The fun part of this day was that Mike wanted me to redecorate our bedroom.  I have found that I often times leave my room for last when cleaning, decorating, basically every thing.  So it doesn't always get the attention it needs.  I think that will change.  We have a new clean, cute room and I love it!  (We may never leave our room again!)

 The TV use to be on top of this.  It now looks like an cute bookshelf instead of a TV stand.  I love the clock and the glass dome.  My favorites by far!

A closer look at the glass dome.  I love the bird and kissing ball inside.  Turned out so cute!

Sunday we spent the day at home.  Whit came over for a bit to play, we did lunch, and I actually finished a project.  A little Halloween fun.

I just need to find a border and get some backing and then I'm done!  I think it turned out pretty cute.  Its from a Minick and Simpson line called Scaredy Cat by Moda.  I hope something in their Halloween line this year will match.  I love the polka dots they have.  I think orange and black polka dots around the border would add a little pop to this quilt!

Sunday evening we had dinner at my in laws house.  It is always delicious and always fun to get together with family.  The boys love Grandma Sharon and Grandpa so much.  I love to watch them play together.

Monday we went to the Zoo.  We have a good time.  Sam rode his very first carousel ride.

Did I mention all the food we ate this weekend.  I didn't cook once!  I think I gained a few pounds.  So this week I'm going for fruits and veggies and as close to nothing else as I can get!  We've got a trip coming up and I've gotta drop at least 5 pounds before we leave!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Baby is 9 Months Old

Baby Sam -

Time is sure flying with you.  Every day you are doing something new.  Taking a few steps, standing up and down, maneuvering through your maze of toys.  I love the way you come crawling up to me and you don't stop.  Its like you're crawling up til you get to my neck for a big hug and kiss. TALKING.... your gibberish is starting to sound like words.  You say DADA a lot, and when I asked you where DADA is, you always look his way.  The last few days you have started to say something that sounds eerily like Jake.  You say AKE and you grab for him.  Could you really be saying his name already?  And how fitting that your big brother Jake, whom you seem to worship would actually be your first word?  I love watching you learn and play new games.  You love to play with toys that make sounds and have music.  You love to play peek a boo, and pat a cake.  Every night when dad comes home from work you crawl up to him to get thrown in the air.  You curl yourself up in a ball as you get higher and higher.  Loving every minute of it. 

You are such a happy child (when you're not teething).  You have a fun, deep, raspy laugh.  I'm excited to hear what your little voice will sound like.  You squeal and gabber and laugh at everything Jake does.  It is so fun to see the love you both have for each other.  Just last night, as you woke up at 4AM - you were wide awake.  I brought you into my bed hoping you would lay down and sleep next to me.  You leaned over to look at Jake and dropped a little kiss on his cheek.  And then you said clear as day AKE...(true story).

I love to watch you and hold you while you sleep.  You are such an active little guy that it is so fun for me to snuggle with you.  I love how you hold on to your blanket.  Sometimes sucking on it.  When you get tired if you see it on the floor you crawl over and bury your head into your blanket.  I can't believe how big you're getting.  Soon you will be a little toddler and baby no more.

You seem to have quite the personality.  Already knowing what you like and don't like.  You don't like baby food.  I have never seen a child close his mouth so tight.  As soon as I pull out the spoon, your lips are sealed.  Instead you like to opt for cheese puffs and french fries.  Already stubborn, already knowing what you want out of life.  Funny how you're not that great of an eater unless there is a chocolate pie or ice cream near by.  Then you seem to scream with your mouth wide open waiting for your bite.  If we aren't fast enough feeding it to you, you scream to get our attention.  I think you're gonna have a sweet tooth!  Good thing you have gotten 4 teeth already!  Cause you sure like your table food.

Sammy - you are such a fun little boy to have around.  You have lightened our lives.  We are so lucky to have a sweet, smart little guy added to our family.  It has been such a joy to watch you grow these last 9 months.  I am amazed daily at all you little ones learn to do in the first year of life.  How quickly you grow up.  I savor each and every minute I have with you.

I love you -

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My First Quilt

My love of fabric began with embroidery stitching, which I was never that great at.  I started out buying fat quarters here and there of fabrics I loved to make pillows for my stitches.  Little pillows use about an inch of fabric and so my stash was born. 

In 2004 Mike and I decided to build a house.  We put our house up for sale early hoping it would sell within a month of the new house being completed.  Well, it sold within 10 days and we had to move within a month.  Being the independent couple we are, we didn't want to burden our families with having to take us in for a month or two, so we moved into the Extended Stay...YES you heard me right.  I lived in the Extended Stay.  It was a lovely room...NOT.  We were cramped into a little studio with 2 months worth of clothes, and all of my fabric.  Yes, again, you heard me right...the fabric came with us.  At this point in my quilting career, my stash was small enough that it fit in 1 bin along with all my other sewing supplies.  (Mike dreams of those days, when I didn't have rooms spilling out with quilting supplies and fabric).

It was here in the Extended Stay during those 6 long (SO LONG) weeks that I whipped out my first 3 quilts.  One went to my sister, one went to my mom, and one I kept for myself.  All 3 quilts were of the square variety, and I sewed them together without any instruction or foresight as to how this quilting thing actually worked.  I look at them now and I am amazed at what a have learned since. 

That being said these quilts are still in my top 5 most favorite quilts.  Sure I'd like to unpick and make the squares match up, but boy do I love these fabrics. 

The quilt I made for my mom I loved so much I made one for myself to have at home. 

My first quilt is from an old Sandy Gervais line, maybe, Boo???  I found the brushed cotton fat quarters.  I found them before the bolts came out in the store, and then searched everywhere and hardly anyone carried the brush cotton. Whenever I came across a bolt I must have bought up everything they had.  I loved this line.  I still do!

I took this picture right after it came out of the dryer all crumbled and soft.  The flannel feel of this quilt makes it so warm.  I love the black border.  Little vines and berries. 

I love the colors in the front, but I think I might love the back just as much.

Its the same berry and vine print but in orange, and flannel/woven/brushed cotton feel.  (Why is it whenever I throw a quilt on the floor baby Sam feels the need to crawl all over it???)

This is the replica I made of the quilt I have given to my mom.  The line is Porch Swing by Moda (can't remember the designer).  And these are so my colors.  Sage/olive green, red, brown, gold, cream...this is my whole house right here in this quilt.  I did add the pieced and paisley borders on to my version.  And I have to say, although my sashing doesn't line up perfectly in this one, it is night and day better then the one my mom has!  (and again - with my quilt model Sam).

But the back....

A gingham red/cream flannel back.  I was in love with this fabric, and so scared to do a flannel back when the whole front of the quilt is regular cotton.  But I love how it turned out.  This is still my most favorite quilt to pull out and cuddle up with each fall as the weather starts to change.

**as a side note, I can't tell you how many times I pulled Sam off the quilts to take pictures, the little punk is so quick I am just not fast enough!

Its so much fun to look back at how my quilting projects started, and to actually still love the quilts. 

Now on to new projects!