Thursday, April 1, 2010

Challenge Met

Remember this post.  Mike told me anything I bought that day had to be completed in a week.  Well, although it was awhile ago, I can happily say I met the challenge.  I got everything sewn that week.  Some were quilted and bound, but some are still sitting on the floor in my craft room.

I'm also missing a quilt oddly enough I can't find it anywhere!

As you can see I'm all about the squares these days.  During my maternity leave I would take a charm pack and sew them together.  It was the fastest, easiest project I could do so I felt like I was completing something. I've got to break away from the squares.

Here are a few pics, minus the stack of 3 quilt that is MIA.

This is a baby quilt made with the left over layer cake squares from the stack of three quilt pattern.  Simple, and actually bigger then it appears on the picture.  It will be 38 x 38.

a little square table topper

a smaller table topper (I also made another one that I already gave as a gift)

table topper on the etsy store now

Everything BLUSH minus a quilt top I can't find anywhere.  So I did get everything sewn in a week!

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whit said...

i love this fabric..i'm in need of another order.