Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a fun Easter Saturday.  My mom and dad hosted a brunch/Easter Egg Hunt.  Since Jake is the only grandchild of the right age in the state he is the center of attention.

Grama and Grandpa hide Easter eggs all over the house for Jake to find and we all followed him around to watch.  After he found each egg he would say "is it over yet?"  or "am I done?"  or "that's a great egg."  It was pretty funny to watch.

We also colored eggs yesterday with Whit and Jason.

Jake left them in his and Sam's baskets and this morning woke up to find all his eggs had been hidden!  He didn't have any time to look for them because he was too excited about the robot the Easter Bunny had left him.  Nothing else in his basket has even been looked at.  Not even the chocolate eggs he's been begging me for everyday!

Other then Jake having a very bad cold and fever, its been a pretty fun weekend.  Good food, fun family times, and eggs of all types!

Thanks mom and dad for a great hunt and breakfast!


polly said...

it was a fun day. hope jake feels better soon.

Sinai said...

Your boys are so dang cute!!!!! Sounds like yu had a great Easter!!!

Travelin'Oma said...

Love the robot!

Kelly said...

You're lucky to be living close to family. We missed my families Easter egg hunt this year.