Saturday, April 10, 2010

Block of the Month

The Fat Quarter Shop hosts a mystery block of the month club each year starting in June.  The past two years it has been done out the of 3 Sisters Christmas lines.  Peace on Earth and Glace', as I've said before, I love all things Moda especially if its 3 Sisters.  So of course I signed up and have been collecting the blocks each month.  I say collecting because this is currently the state they are in.

                                 Peace on Earth Blocks

                                      Glace' Blocks

Currently my blocks of the month are stored in a bag in the state they arrived.  And each month when the next one arrives Mike asks me once again to cancel this subscription.  (I can't cancel in the middle)....

Come June, the new block of the month will be starting.  I had decided against it.  I haven't signed up.  But I scored one of these charm packs.  It was a sneak peek at this new Christmas line.

12 days of Christmas by Kate Spain.  Kate's designs are quickly becoming one of my new favorites.  Ranks right up there with 3 Sisters.  This is so fun and whimsical.  How could a girl not fall in love?

Guess what the new block of the month is going to be out of?  Click here to find out.  I'm loosing my willpower.  I feel I may just have to give in.


Thelma said...

I don't have the Peace on Earth BOM but am collecting the Glace. I don't like stopping and starting, once I have them all I plan to work on it all at once.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

kate spain said...

Abby, i say "GIVE IN!" Join the fun and quilt along! Plus, since i'm fairly new to sewing, i need all the help and consultation i can get from experienced quilters like YOU! The more the merrier (have you changed your mind yet?) *wink, wink* Either way, i can't wait to see what you make with that charm pack. hugs, kate