Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Doesn't my mom look young?  Can't believe another year has past.  Another grandson, another grandchild on the way, and she still looks this young!  A few things I love about my mom;

generous with her time
great listener
loves unconditionally
taught me to be "one with the sun"
loves my kids as much as I do
wonderful friend
fun to hang with
can have fun and be silly
gives good advice
has a special touch with her flowers
best mother and grandma a person could ask for

Love you mom, have a happy birthday!


polly said...

Thank you for such kind words and lovely birthday wishes. love, mom

Kelly said...

Is Whitney pregnant?

whit said...

oh no i'm not ty and his wife mel are expecting. Not my turn yet.

Sinai said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!! Her birthday is right before my mom's.