Sunday, April 25, 2010


Our plane didn't take off until 5pm and checkout was at 10am.  So we decided to head on over to Epcot since we hadn't been there.  They happened to be having their Garden Festival going on.  They had topiary's of all the different Disney characters throughout the park.  The most beautiful pots of flowers scattered everywhere you looked.  It was beautiful.  I love this park with all the different countries they have set up.  We just walked the circle, not really going into anything because the kids were asleep, but it was so fun and relaxing to walk through.  I loved this park and would love to go back without the kids to see all the sites.  I took the most pictures here of all the flowers and designs.  I wish I could make my yard look this good! 

One consistent thing we noticed going through the parks was Disney sure pays attention to every little detail.  I am still in awe over everything we saw and the details in every house, every display, every ride was just amazing.

Here are some pictures from Epcot.

                                      Entrance to Epcot

                                           The Lion King

                                  Fairy Garden Entrance

                                 Jake playing in the Fairy Gardens

                                    Mickey's face in flowers

A pineapple garden.  I had never seen pineapples grow like this.  But I guess I've never seen pineapples growing before.  I think I had pictured them bigger and in Hawaii????

                                 Cinderella and Prince Charming

                                           Bambi display

         Teacups planted with herbs (I so want to copy this idea)

                                  Beauty and the Beast

                        Beauty and the Beast with friends display

       I don't remember the exact country, maybe Tibet?  Anyone know? 

                                            Mickey and Minnie

                  The pots all lined up in France and Italy country areas.  

                   Lady and the Tramp  - I love all the pink flowers!

                           In Italy - almost feels like I'm there!

The detail is amazing here, even the light post change when moving into the next country.

              A little village design in Germany or Switzerland?   

I was so busy paying attention to all the little details, that I didn't pay attention to what country I was walking through....

Again, I can't believe how much work goes into even the littlest displays. 

                               The year of the Tiger

          Another Mickey and Minnie display - had a fall look to it.

This butterfly display was at the entrance to the Fairy and Butterfly displays.  There was all these little fairy and Tinkerbell displays.  I love the village and displays they had for all the fairy's.

                                          A Fairy house

                                The Fairy fly boat

                                Another little Fairy house

                  One of Tinkerbell's friends.  I didn't get her name....


I loved our quick visit to Epcot.  I really wish we would have gone over here when my parents were still in town.  My mom would have LOVED all the flowers.  

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polly said...

those flower gardens looked amazing, so sorry we missed epcot! i do love the teacup idea. think i'll plant a few herbs in my teacup.