Saturday, April 3, 2010


Currently at my house we are all trying to give up something.

Mike has decided to go the no carbs route in his weight loss story.

I am on a 800 calorie intake a day which makes what I put into my mouth a big decision.  I have given up my daily coke, and boy do I miss it!  I might have 1 a week depending on if I have calories to spare, but I don't know if I've ever missed something so much before in my life!

Jake is trying to give up his bink. He is my bink baby and LOVES his binks.  He isn't really aware of this fact, we are trying to help him give it up.  So far, he isn't doing well.  Today he was rolling around on the the floor crying.
Jake:  Mom, I NEEDDDDD my bink.
Me: Jake you don't NEED your bink.
Jake: Yes I do mom, I really need my bink.

He got it back for his nap.  Needless to say this may be an uphill battle.

Sam is also trying to give up something, even though he doesn't know it.  I'd love for him to get over his 3am feeding.  Any suggestions?

Needless to say, we aren't all in the best of moods these days!


Travelin'Oma said...

Isn't Lent over now? Anyway. My suggestions: Help Jake through this trauma by medicating him with coke. He'll be up all night so let him handle Sam's 3:am feeding. Get yourself a bink. Mike's on his own. (He'll wish he was when the rest of you are crying yourself to sleep.)

polly said...

marty always has the best suggestions. i think lent is silly. no one should give up something that comforts them. i'm especially with jake. he neeeeddds his bink. especially on monday, wednesday, and friday.

Kelly said...

Talon just gave up his bink, not willingly and it's been HARD! I had it SO easy with that dang bink! I finally cut a slit in it and then told him it was broken and now when he asks for it he repeats "BB? boken". I also took them out of the normal spot and show him they are all gone. But he definitely doesn't sleep as much and we've had a couple of NO NAP days. He'll just sit in his crib and talk and yell and's like he doesn't know how to settle down, be quiet and go to sleep without it! I wouldn't have done it if Devin hasn't been pushing the issue for the last year. Poor Jake, I say don't do it! It's hard on mom when there's no bink!

Good luck with the 800 calories, I admire you! I don't think I could ever do that! I'm weak!

Thelma said...

800 calories doesn't sound like enough for a mama of two adorable but active boys.

I've been trying to give up my afternoon Coke too. I'm drinking 8 ounces instead of 12 a couple times a week, but I miss it. I can't imagine eating pizza without Coke, so no pizza either!

I'm hoping to get like those folks who give up Coke, go back and drink one and thinks it tastes sickeningly sweet.......that doesn't seem possible right now!