Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Magical Kingdom

The day we spent at the Magical Kingdom was long, but so much fun.  I think this was my favorite day of the trip.  The kids were actually pretty good.  Jake loved going on all the rides.  The parades were fun, the fireworks were the greatest.  Doesn't Disney do the best fireworks?

It's a Small World is always a fun ride for everyone.  Sam's head was going back and forth like a mad man trying to see everything.

I love that there are rides that we could all go on together.

We went on the jungle safari ride.  My mom was taking pictures to blog about her trip.

Jake climbing through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  I always wanted to live in a treehouse when I was little.  I loved this show.

The kids took a little break right before the first parade.  I wanted to wake them up so they could see Micky and the gang, but I was over ruled.  As a side note, I do love my new double stroller.

From Sam's bug eyes, I think he was soaking all these new sights in....

Buzz Light Year is Jake's new best friend.  Toy Story has now been watched about 10 times in less then a week.  He loves these guys.

Jake road his first roller coaster.  It was the Goofy airplane ride in Toontown.  He loved this ride.  During most of the rides he would have no expression on his face during the ride and then get off and be screaming happily about how great it was.  But while on the roller coaster I would look back at him and he would smile at me every time.  It is so weird when your little one can stand at the "are you this tall" sign and be able to keep on moving through the line.

Jake playing in Toontown.  I love all the little things there are to do over in this area.

My mom and dad feeding Sam.  It was so nice to have them along.  We had such a good time and were so grateful for all the extra help we had with the kids!  Mike said the day after they left he wanted them to come back cause I guess I'm nicer when they were there.  (Like I said, the extra help was so nice!)

Grandma pushing the kids before the fireworks started.

I do believe this is the happiest place on earth!

The SpectroMagic light parade was fantastic.  It was so much fun to see all the cool lights and floats.  The kids loved it!

Donald's float was one of my favorites.

Sam stayed up for all the festivities.  The parades and the fireworks are my favorite, so I'm glad he was up and happy for them both.  This was WAY past his bedtime!

The fireworks done at any Disney park are the best you can get.  This didn't disappoint. 

My favorite part of the whole day was watching Jake during the fireworks show.  He was so happy and animated through the whole thing.  Screaming, pointing, laughing.  He was giddy!

The Magic Kingdom is very magical and is truly the happiest place on earth.  Especially when you're with my fun family! We are already trying to figure out if we can get back there this year since we have the premium pass.  I can't wait to have more magical memories here.


patty said...

Abby, These pictures are priceless. These are times you will never forget. The boys are so cute. I love the one of them asleep, and the one of Mike and Jake on the rollercoaster.

whit said...

Love the guys had so much fun!! wish i was there to see the boys have so much fun.

polly said...

It was a fun fun trip! The company was the best.

Kelly said...

Looks like SO much fun! Good to see you in some pictures too! What fun memories!