Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Mondays

I did pretty good last week. I think actually planning out my meals each Sunday and going to the store is helping me actually cook! I'm trying to go for more healthy meals to push me to get some of my weight off. If you have any ideas let me know.

Monday - Fruit and Feta Salad and Orange rolls (thanks Heidi, we love this salad)
Tuesday - Baked Ziti and breadsticks
Wednesday - Quiche
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - Parmesan Chicken, salad, breadsticks


Kelly said...

Hey I'm doing menu planning and shopping too! I made Ribs for the first time last night and they were actually pretty good. I need some of your recipes, I think all the ones I'm cooking are fattening!

Amy said...

My mom just told me that you have a blog! Where have I been? Your blog is a treasure box! I'll be following you from now on, cute Abby.