Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Mondays

Monday - Pulled pork sandwiches
Tuesday - Chicken parmesan
Wednesday - Pizza
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Beef stroganoff


Kelly said...

Ab- you're menu looks a lot like mine!
Mon- Beef Stroganoff (I need your recipe, mine wasn't very good)
Tues- Taco's
Wed- Dev's out of town, no cooking
Thurs- Same
Friday- Baked Chicken
Sat- Left overs or out to eat
Sun- Cafe Rio Pork and Rice (I might do King Crab for V- day)

Last week I did
Mon- Burrito's in Crock Pot
Tues- Spaghetti
Wed- Chicken Teriyaki
Thurs- Broccoli Cheese soup in Crock pot
Fri- French dip sandwiches
Sat- Left overs or out to eat
Sun- BBQ Spare ribs for the first time

Kelly said...

I'm thinking about signing up for this...can't loose for only $5 a month. Check it out

Thelma said...

What a clever idea, I would only have to blog about our menu once, we eat the same thing every week!


can u please share the recipe!!! What a great idea to put the menus up on Monday!!! all sounds delish