Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Other things may change us, but we start and end with family. ~Anthony Brandt

After 2 long months, I think Jake is finally getting use to having a baby brother around. He wakes up and asks were baby Sam is if he isn't in bed with him. He still says how cute he is and has even progressed to saying he loves baby Sam. He wants to help me get Sam dressed each day, change him, get him in the tub. Puts his face right up next to him and when Sam swats at him claims Sam is trying to steal his toy or his bink. I have a feeling as Sam gets bigger they just might be the best of friends. Since having 2 children was primarily done for this reason, I am happy to see they are starting to bond.

Watching my two boys also makes me reflect on my relationship with my siblings. I am so grateful that I have a good relationship with them all. My sister Whit is my best friends. We talk daily. We laugh and cry about our husbands. We build each other up. And she loves my children and they love her. She is #1 in Jake's life. He wakes up asking were she is. Remembers everything they do together. He may just have a little crush on her.

I have 3 brothers all who I feel very close to. Sometimes we don't talk often, but the closeness is there no matter time or distance.

Its funny to me how when life happens we pull together. We talk things out. We sometimes fight, but by the end of the day all has been worked out. We don't always agree with one another, but there must be a code in life. The differences don't matter when you're blood. You find a way to love each other with all our differences (and trust me we are all so different). I love picking up the phone and having Nick make a witty comment that makes me laugh. I love that Tyler who never gets involved calls me back over and over again as his phone kept cutting out to get the latest news. I love that Jamey and I can get mad at each other and then end the call laughing.

I am lucky to have this fun dysfunctional at times (but aren't all families) relationship with my siblings. I know I could go to any of them at anytime and they would be there for me and vice verse. My parents raised us to know that family is important. At the end of the day its all you have. I can't wait to see Jake and Sam grow up and be friends. Hopefully from the example they see from me with my brothers and sister they will feel the same way about each other.

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it
a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.


Travelin'Oma said...

This is a beautiful post! Sam is already looking like Jake. Brother, they're cute!

polly said...

i'm sure those two will be the best of friends!

whit said...

Thats so very true!!! Love you and my brothers very much. Glad that we have eachother and that Sam & Jake are going to be best buds.