Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Gym

Jake has been going to Little Gym for probably a year or so now. My mom takes him each Monday and he goes to tumble, play with kids, do games on the red mat, play with bouncy balls etc. I think its been really good for him. He use to be really shy and wouldn't talk to kids. Now he walks up to them and says "my names Jake, what is your name?" He loves the balance beam, the hangin bars (that's what he calls them) but his favorite is the rings. He LOVES the rings.

He graduated from the fall semester last week and I got to attend the last class. Here are a few pictures. We were going to take a break over the winter, but Jake loves it so much I may sign him up for the night classes so we can go together.

Getting his graduation certificate and ball.

On the hangin bars

Hanging from the rings

He gets between the big blocks and pretends he's in a rocket ship or a submarine. Funny little kid.

Loves the gym!


polly said...

i'm going to miss little gym!

Travelin'Oma said...

He looks like Olympic material.