Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Whit

Today is my sister Whitney's 28th birthday!  To celebrate her big day I'd like to tell you a few things I love about Whitney.

She is Jake's BFF
Great with both my kids
Generous with her time
Cleans my house
Is our weekend babysitter (helps us stay sane)
Best yoga teacher around
Loves Dr Pepper
Loves Anthro bowls and owns every color
Has a great sense of style
Comes over to craft with me
We can talk on the phone for an hour about our husbands
Comes to help me at a moments notice
Laughing together during yoga class
Bakes the best sugar cookies EVER
Turns embroidery stitching into an art
Is a wonderful wife
Very tender hearted and kind to everyone
She is a great cook and tries new things often
Wonderful with children (especially mine)
Is the best friend I could ever ask for

Happy Birthday Whit, we love you!


polly said...

happy birthday Whitney! you two make me laugh! especially when you (Abby)stop the momentum of Whit's beautiful yoga class by laughing. Glad you are such good friends.

whit said...

Thank you so much Abby!!! Yea I'm starting to laugh just thinking about that yoga class...thanks again love you

marta said...

amen, amen. you two are such a creative pair. what would we do without that whit?!

p.s. agreed. her sugar cookies are heaven.