Wednesday, February 27, 2013

T-shirt Quilts Galore

I have been swimming in tshirt quilts lately - as in I have done 8 this month.  That is a lot of tshirt quilts!
I have definitely learned a lot of them experience.  

Although t-shirt quilts aren't my favorite to quilt - I do love the idea behind them.  I had a cute client make 6 quilts....YES 6 for her daughers drill team friends.  I think she may have mentioned these were her first quilts too - so I'm so impressed she went for it!  They were so cute!

They all looked similar to this one above.  I love the bright blue and orange colors - of course the school colors...

She chose the Posies 2 pattern for all the quilts which I thought looked so cute.

On the back she used leftover strips so its like a strip quilt and is a quilt all on it own.  Looked great.

Close up of the back and quilting pattern.

These quilts took me awhile to get through - but so much fun.  I kept imagining the girls getting their quilts and what a treasure it would be for then.  Wish I could be there to see their expressions.

This next quilt is another local t-shirt quilt for her daughter who graduated.  Again, fun colors staying in the school theme.  

This quilt was a  dream to quilt.  Her sewing was perfect - which is hard on a t-shirt quilt!  She chose the Geometric quilting pattern, which I hadn't used so I was so excited to try.

I love how it turned out, especially on the minky back.  This is a fun pattern.  Would be great for a boy and for a more modern quilt look.  This quilted up perfectly and was a fairly fast pattern.  I love how it turned out!  

Needless to say - I have been trying to get caught up on my quilting - and not a lot of sewing is getting done.  I have 2 more swoon blocks in the works, but nothing to show as of yet.  Clearly my project for February is not going to get completed.  Hopefully I can get it done the first week or two in March.  I've been dying to start some new projects but keep telling myself I have to finish my swoon one first!  

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