Monday, February 18, 2013

Menu Mondays

OH...the joys of no carb - yes Mike sprung that one on me last week - he's going no carb.  So maybe I'll help him out with some low/no carb dinners and in the process help myself out....worth a try.

Monday Luncheon - Happy Birthday Whit - Pesto Stuffed Shells, Grandma homemade caesar salad, and garlic bread

Monday Dinner - Tri-tip (costco and good!) and Salad
Tuesday - Joe's Crab Shack eat out night
Wednesday - Chicken Salad rolls/lettuce wraps
Thursday - Caesar Salad w/grilled chicken
Friday - Omelets
Saturday - Chicken Pesto Salad - minus the bowtie pasta

1 comment:

al + sar said...

Every time I see those Pasta Stuffed Shells on your blog I think that I need to try them! They look delish!