Friday, February 15, 2013

Client Quilts - part 2

Isn't this the cutest quilt?  I love the ragged flowers - the pieced border and the purple!  

This quilt was a queen sized quilt and fun to do!  I love getting to try new techniques and new patterns on these quilts! 

This quilt offered a little challenge as the flowers were ragged - so I had to watch this quilt and hold down the flowers so they wouldn't get caught up in the quilting foot.  

Julie wanted her borders to stand out - and the big cream border on the edge was perfect for a big rose flower border.  She is going to scallop the border and this fit perfectly!  A few little loops through the pieced border and stitch in the ditch on the dark purple stop border.  

In the middle she chose the pattern Candyland (sorry about the lighting in these pictures it was 2am!)  I hadn't used Candyland yet and was so excited to try it out.  The shape of these flowers was the exact shape of the flowers on the front of the quilt - they went together wonderfully!  I love how the back looked almost as much as the front!  

The below quilt was a tshirt quilt that a cute girl Cayla brought to me.  The front was a tshirt quilt (and I totally forgot to take a picture) she is putting together to give her boyfriend for Valentine's Day.  This was her first quilt and she was so excited about giving it to him.  I love to work with new quilters!  She was so brave to attempt a tshirt quilt for her first go at it!

She chose Cotton Seed for her pattern - and I love how it looks on this back.  She used a jersey sheet for the back - and it looked really good and will be so soft!   This was another pattern I've been wanting to try for awhile - and I love how it turned out!

This next quilt I think she said was a Crazy Old Ladies quilt pattern - I love the bright fun colors.

She chose the quilt pattern Waverly - and I have to be honest - I was nervous.  I got this pattern from my club in February and I wasn't thrilled with it.  I thought "when will I ever use that?"  Well, a day went by and a client picked it - and I have to say I LOVE how it turned out!

This pattern is modern and fun.  Looks a little masculine which was perfect as she's giving this to her son.  I'm glad I have client who make me step out of my comfort zone!

This next quilt I loved everything about!  This chevron pattern is one of my favorites.  She chose the Holly Panto - which is quickly becoming the most popular Christmas pattern I offer.  

I haven't met a quilt the Holly Panto doesn't work well with.  (Take advantage now as this design will not always stay at $.01 an inch!  It is very detailed and dense!)

The back.

This next 2 quilts are from my client who has been shipping them over to me.  She does such different quilts and patterns it is so much fun to work with her!

Pattern used is called Paisley Flowers

She used the tutorial I used here, but used 5 inch squares.  I think this quilt turned out wonderfully!  

Her next quilt was half square triangles.  I love the reds and pinks she chose.  What a fun, so in right now quilt!  And festive for the Valentine season.  

She chose GooseDown for her quilting pattern.  Another one I have wanted to try for awhile.  I LOVE how this turned out.  

The back looks so good too.  

I love getting to see all these fun quilts and trying these new pattern designs out.  It really is the best part of the job - getting to see what others are creating out there.  


Heidi Staples said...

These are all gorgeous! Your quilting is so beautiful!!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Wonderful. My favourites are the last two quilting designs.