Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Client Quilts

Business has been good the last few weeks.  I have loved this new little venture we have going.  I love seeing all the different quilts and love trying new patterns and new challenges.  

I wanted to share a few of the beautiful quilts I have done recently.  I apologize in advance if the pictures aren't great - some get taken at 2am!  So lighting is horrible.

This quilt was made by my dear friend Nancy for a client.  This baby is KING SIZED!  My first king on the new machine - and she brought me two of them!  She chose an all Loops and Swirls pattern and it looked great on this quilt!  

This next quilt was also large - and I don't have a picture of the whole quilt.  It is the pattern Star Cakes which I made a version of here and here and I think my mom has quilt out of the pattern also from long before I started blogging.  This is a great pattern - big quilt and only takes a layer cake and some background yardage.  Goes together quickly.

This quilt was made by Judy a long time friend and client.  She chose the Holly Panto for this quilt and it turned out great with the fabrics in this quilt.  

This next quilt was sent to me from a client.  She is whipping out these quilts quickly and this was my 3rd or 4th quilt from her.  I love that her quilts are so different from one another.  She mentioned that she had lived in Africa and these fabrics either were her clothes she wore while there or reminder her of the clothes?  But what a great way to create a memory of that time in her life!

We chose the Wind Swirl pattern for this quilt.  

These next 2 quilts are from another great client Kathy.  She just brought me another 2 quilts.  She may be the fastest seamstress I've laid eyes on!

I love these fabrics she chose.  This was such a pretty quilt to work on.  

She chose Trailing Vine as the quilt pattern - and I was so excited.  I hadn't used this one yet, but have wanted to.  It may be one of my top picks going forward.  

I love how the leaves kind of look like hearts.  She did minky on the back which shows off the pattern very well.

Kathy also brought this fun bright quilt!  It has birds all through the border.  And I love the ombre fabric. 

She chose the Peacock pattern which worked perfectly with the fabric and theme of this quilt.  

She used a pretty minky on this back too - and I love how the design shows up on this quilt!

Last night Kathy brought me another quilt just like this one but bigger - and she chose this pattern to be used on it.  I haven't tried this one yet and I'm so excited to see how it turns out!

The last quilt I'll share today was fun for me - a little challenge - something new to learn - and I was excited with how it turned out.  I think Jo was too!

This quilt pattern would be the perfect quilt for some serious custom quilting - but she just completed another very custom quilt - and didn't have the money to go all the way.  So we did some light custom work on this quilt.  

We used the all over peacock design through the outer portion of the quilt.  Its hard to see below - but the pattern fits perfectly with the peacock in the middle.  

I trimmed the design around the center design and we did a little custom work around the peacock. 

A little fancy feather in the border

Some echoing around the peacock in the middle.  I think it turned out well and really made the bird pop on the quilt!  

Most importantly - Jo seems to have loved the quilt - and there is nothing better then having a happy client who is thrilled with the outcome.  Such a rewarding feeling!

I have a lot more quilts to share - so check back this week for more pictures. 

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