Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Conversations with Sam

Warning - may be giving too much info here!

Sam has been potty trained (mostly) for awhile now, but he still has a little trouble when he sleeps and with #2 - he wants to put  a pull up on when its that time of the day.  

Last night as we were getting him in jammies and pull up for bed - he said to me - 

"Mom, this is the last pull up."  He said while handing it to me.  "I think I can go in the toliet tomorrow."  

Me - "Sammy that would be great, I think you can do it too."  

Sam - "Mom, I just have to believe in myself and I can do it."  

I couldn't stop laughing.  Where in the world has he learned the statement believe in yourself?  He said it about 10 more times, and woke up saying it this morning.  

Maybe today we'll have a break through!  Wish us luck.

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Michele said...

Congrats! I know that's a huge step!