Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Chevron Quilt

I am having a love affair with the chevron.  Whether its fabric, a quilt pattern, or  quilting pattern - I'm all over anything and everything chevron related.

I have made a few chevron quilts - seen here, here, here, and maybe my favorite here.

I am also loving all the chevron print fabrics.  I'm currently making a cute valentine runner - and have a reversible runner in the works with the lime green chevron being a side.

When I got this quilt to be quilted I was so excited.  I love these fabrics!  The grey and yellow is amazing and so in right now.  I love the polka dot and the flower print.  Thrown in a chevron print and this may be my favorite quilt I've had on the machine in a while!

I hadn't used the chevron quilting pattern I have yet - so I was so excited to use it with this quilt.  A perfect fit!

This pattern is great - as this would take me hours to do by hand - so having the machine go for it was a dream come true.  I have a feeling this pattern will be a favorite.  I may have to use it on my swoon quilt once I get that one completed.

And the back.....oh how I love backs.  My client sent me a picture of the completed quilt - she bound it with a scrappy binding using all the prints in the quilt - turned out so cute.  I wanted to keep this quilt for myself!  I will be on the look out for these fabrics to make one for myself sometime soon.


Melia Mae Quilting said...

Just gorgeous!!!!

Silvana said...

The back and the top, fantastic!

marta said...

wow. loving the colors and the quilting!! great work!!

OPQuilt said...

This is beautiful, and you're right--the chevron quilting pattern works wonderfully.

I have a batch of chevron fabrics waiting for me at home (we're traveling now) and I can see some possiblities in the design of this quilt. They are a strong patterned fabric so not every block can be considered, but something like this would work well!

Elizabeth E.

Teresa Silva said...

Did you do this with a pantograph? I love it! Please let me know the name of it. Do you have a computerized machine or hand guided? I love your blog.

Julie B said...

Love it. Making a baby quilt for my grandson. Do you know what the finished size was or the size of the squares?