Sunday, January 6, 2013

Skiing Surprise

*** I was going through my drafts and found this post I had written last year in February.  With skiing season upon us I thought I need to post this.  I read through it with a smile on my face remembering this fun day.

Last Thursday I took off the afternoon and hit the slopes with Jake.  It was so much fun!  I can't believe I have never skied peaceful and beautiful. 

It happened to be a blizzard by the time we ended our lessons, but during the lesson there was just a light flurry falling all around us. 

I can't explain in words the pride I felt in watching my little guy learning the ropes.  Funny thing is, the 4 year olds and the adults all start their lessons in the same area.  So Jake and I spent lots of time watching each other race down the little teeny tiny hill.  My class consist of me and one other student plus the instructor and we cheered for Jake so loud.  It was as if he had a fan club. 

There is a little hill that has a jump at the bottom which I SCREAMED as I went off the jump.  So when they sent my little Jake off the jump I was so nervous for him.  As I should have been because he face planted it!  But he got right back up and wanted to go down it again. 

I love watching Jake go down the mountain and up the magic carpet.  He would do it over and over again and didn't want to wait for the instructor, he just kept it right up.  So fun to watch him stick out his tongue to catch the snowflakes.  He loved every minute of it - except the carrying his skis back inside - he just won't do it!  "They are too heavy mom" he says - even the instructors were carrying them in for him as the two other little girls lugged their's up the mountain....we'll have to talk to him about that! 

Ever since Jake started up his lessons as we drive around town he looks up at the mountain - "mom look at all that snow - it would sure be a good day to be skiing" .  I love that he is so into it and love that this is something we can do together for years to come.  He keeps asking when he can go up a lift.  I love his energy and excitment to learn something new!

I hope as I hit more lifts I'll still love it as much as I did last Thursday.  Watching my baby catch snowflakes, and screaming as I go down a bunny hill (if you can even call it that).  I want to stay in the beginner stages for awhile I think! 

The biggest surprise I found about skiing - I never thought I would like it.  I am a warm weather person, don't like to be cold.  I never realized how beautiful it would be and how peaceful it feels to be staring up at those beautiful mountains.  What a wonderful surprise!

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