Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Update

This last week has been a LONG work week.  It started Monday morning and continued right up until 5pm on Friday night.  So much work to do...too many calls, not enough time in the day.  Long days and few long nights made for an extra long week.

I came home from work on Friday spent - had more work to finish, but decided I was going to sew.  Isn't sewing always the perfect therapy for all things in life?

I turned on my month's worth of General Hospitals and I began to sew.  Happy to report I'm almost caught up - and I competed a few things on my to do list.

First up - Blogger Girls Block of the Month

Block 1 

I have been wanting to join in and was debating on what fabrics to use.  Thelma is using Sweetwater - I have a bundle of Reunion that I was considering.  Monica from Open Gate Quilts (and the pattern designer) did her step by step instructions out of Double Chocolate which I'm totally in love with.  But I have a fat eighth bundle of Independence Trail by Minick and Simpson that I have been wanting to use, so it won the internal battle I was having.

I love this line and love that its still out in stores, so I can grab the pieces I need to complete the quilt top.  I will keep up with these blocks each month.  Its the 14th - and I have one more block 1 to do - I think I can manage.  The instructions were great and this went together smoothly.  Took about an hour.

Secondly - I decided to work on something Valentine related.  I'm not big into hearts, but I saw this quilt last year and loved it.  I used her great tutorial on  her blog and made one of my own last year.

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

I put it in my etsy store and it sold quickly - so I decided this year I needed to make another one.  I cut up a charm pack and went to work.  Before I turned out the lights on Friday I had a good start.

Just need to add a little stop border and the final border on top and we are good to go.  I have a fun heart filler that I've been wanting to try, so this might get that pattern.  I'll keep you posted.

Its Sunday now - I've been working all morning - decided to take a minute for a quick post before starting on my MESSING HOUSE!  It has gone on way too long.  The piles of clothes haven't folded themselves yet.  I thought if I waited long enough it would happen - it has not.

At least I can watch the last few episodes of GH while I get them folded.  Maybe later tonight I can get this quilt done!  I'll keep ya posted.

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Sarah Craig said...

Pretty blocks, and I love your valentine quilt! Such a cheerful thing! Whoop whoop!!

Melia Mae Quilting said...

I love your block. I am still hoping to get my done at some point. Good to know that it took an hour, so I will have to budget two hours I think:)

OPQuilt said...

It's always amazing to see that you had a horrrific work week and here you are on Friday, cranking out project left and right! If I have a bad work week, I'm usually just watching TV with the basket of hexies in my lap.

The Valentine quilt is lovely--good idea to get a jump on that holiday and to be ahead of the curve. I just finished up a block for a bee I'm in, as well, so I pay attention more to other people's blocks, and your Double Chocolate block is wonderful. I love the colors and fabrics!

Elizabeth E.