Thursday, January 24, 2013

Client Quilts

 A couple of client quilts I've done recently.  Thought I would share as I've done some new quilting patterns!

First one up is Flowers and Hearts -

I love the yellow mink on the backing - the quilting stands out so good on minky!

This was a fun quilt - the yellow an black remind me of sunshine and bumble bees.  It was a fun quilt to do!

This next quilt is a cute kit and design my friend bought at Pine Needles.    I think this is such a cute quilt for the little guys in your life.  Its kind of a strip quilt with a few added rows to it -  adding some cute character without being overwhelmingly hard or time consuming.

I had a new pattern called Skulls I wanted to use - so that is what we chose.

Such a cute pattern!  I love this line - I think its a Riley Blake fabrics.  

Not a great pictures of the back, she used minky - and it was late and dark so the lighting wasn't great.

I will be buying myself this kit in the near future.

This last quilt was from a client who found me on Pinterest and shipped me her quilt!  She has been so much fun to work with and I was so excited to see her quilt in person after going back and forth in email for a week!  

It was late - and dark so pictures aren't great.  This is what her quilt looked like - 9 big stars - the quilt measured 81 x 81 so it was fairly large.

She chose Christmas Paisley  for the pattern.  The fabric is a Sandy Gervais Christmas line and she used a grey background.  It was so cute.

I was excited to use this pattern as its a newer one that I hadn't had the chance to use yet.  I love how it turned out.  Might be my new "go to" pattern!

*** We are working to get our website up and going - in the meantime all Edge to Edge patterns are $.01 and inch - ALL PATTERNS! Check them out here - I'm updating the board with additional patterns over the next few days. Email me at if you're interested.

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