Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Mondays - Pinterest and Goals

That is a long title! 

At the beginning of the year Mike started looking at our finances and has decided we spend way to much on eating out (I totally agree).  Although I try to plan meals for us each week - throw in Little Gym, soccer, later then expected nights at work, and just plan too tired - the meals don't always get made and we head out for a quick bite.  I thought we had been doing good so far this year - but he showed me the stats - and we weren't doing as good as my mind thought we were.  I am happy to report that usually we eat out a lot over the weekends - this last weekend 1 meal - breakfast.  Although not perfect, that is pretty good for us.  We lunched on my Grandma DeSpain's goulash for a few days which made lunch nice and warm - with a little memory of Grandma thrown in for good measure. 

Enter this week - I have to go out of of town for work - but - I'm not going to leave them completely empty handed.

The other goal I made for myself this year - I love Pinterest.  I often lay in bed at night not being able to sleep on my phone with pinterest.  We have a wonderful relationship.  But I decided I need to put her to better use.  My goal is to do one thing a week I've pinned.  So that means new recipes, new games for the kids, maybe a few household projects?  So this week we're starting with a new recipe, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Sunday - Pioneer Woman's meatloaf, mash potatoes and salad - I didn't get to this a few weeks ago and have been dying to try it. 

Monday - Honey Mustard Chicken w/noodles
Tuesday - Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches
Wednesday - Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
Thursday - leftovers or something quick before the game
Friday - Fish Sticks and grapes
Saturday - Coconut Shrimp and Pineapple

I'll let you know how the chicken turns out! 

FYI - if you haven't made Pioneer Woman's meatloaf - do it - so good!

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Carol said...

I love her meatloaf and I've always hated meatloaf. The only change I make is to use a combination of ground pork, ground veal, and ground beef to make up the 2 pounds. I am making this later in the week.