Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Sam

This little guys has me wrapped around his finger.  He is my heart and soul.  He is wild and crazy and always on the go. 

He is happy and playful.  Likes to tease people and thinks he's funny.

He loves to cuddle - and every night has to have a arm under his head and the other over his body - so we are in full spoon mode as he goes to sleep each night. 

He is stubborn and sometimes difficult.  It is his way or now way - and there is no talking him about of that.  (I'm sure one day I will be glad he holds this trait)

Sammy was born with a big personality.  He is passionate about everything he does.  He is funny and animated.  He loves to play, and loves to have people around him.  He is smart and determined.  He loves to play with Jake and I love to hear Jake make him laugh.  He wants to do everything Jake does, and he wants to do everything "by myself". 

Happy Birthday Sam!  I can't wait to see what year 3 has in store for you!  Love you buddy.


whit said...

Happy Birthday little buddy!! We love you so much!!

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Polly said...

he is the sweetest, most mischieveous, most lovable little boy. truly one that goes right to the heart. love him. happy birthday sam

Anonymous said...

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