Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Do you feel like the weeks are flying by lately?  I have all these big plans and have lists of things to get done - and a week goes by and I haven't quilted or sewn. 

I had to travel for business last week - and then came home to 2 full days of Statler classes.  I learned so much and was so excited to come home and practice.... instead I spent some quality time with the kids and we even had a little weekend getaway.  Celebrated Sam's birthday - twice - and now almost 2 weeks later I'm finally down here quilting again! 

My goals were to get a quilt quilted (I'm quilting snowflakes and can't wait to show you all!) and get a couple of bindings on some quilts.  On my trip I got 3 quilts bound!  YEAAAA finished quilts!  Just got to take some pictures. 

But - I did want to share the last few quilts I quilted before leaving on my trip.  I am LOVING this pattern.  It is called Spiral Squares and is a great pattern especially for the men in your life.  This was such a fun quilt and fabrics!

This other one was a sweet little baby quilt and the quilt pattern fit the fabric perfectly.  I love how the quilting looks on the minky back.

I'm having fun with this machine and each quilt is teaching me something new. 

If you have some last minute Christmas quilts and your quilter is full - please remember I am offering all my edge to edge patterns for $.01 an inch and currently have a 72 hour turn around time.  So get your quilts in now before the time increases!

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Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

I love that Spiral Squares quilt - the fabric and pattern are great together!

LynCC said...

Those rose panto is gorgeous!

Cindy said...

The circles quilt if wonderful but I especially like the your machine quilting on the pink one. Fantastic!