Friday, December 28, 2012

Chicken Pesto Salad

Sadly I didn't take a picture this year of the salad - this picture is stolen from this post back in 2009

But this year I perfected this salad - and it is now my new go to party salad.  I made it multiple times over the month of December and am still eating the leftovers.  I could eat them everyday for every meal.  I have had countless requests for the recipe.

I saw this recipe made on an Oprah episode long ago and cannot remember the name of the chef.  But I have simplified this a bit to fit my life style.

What you need:

Bow tie pasta
Pomegranate seeds
Parmesan cheese

I buy most of the ingredients at Costco - a big bag of spinach, a rotisserie chicken, the basil pesto, and the pomegranate seeds (you can buy containers of just the seeds!)

Pull the chicken off the bone (I usually only use the breasts) toss in a few spoonfuls of pesto and stir.
Repeat with the cooked pasta

Mix the pasta and the chicken in a bowl, add spinach and toss until spinach is coated with pesto - add more pesto if needed.  Squeeze a little lemon juice on.  Sprinkle top liberally with pomegranate seeds and parmesan cheese - enjoy!

I served this salad with orange rolls on Christmas day - it was delicious!  I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of this salad at parties, showers, brunches around my house this year.


marta said...

yum!! thanks for posting the recipe of this. heidi made it at our family reunion and we were raving. thank you. glad your christmas party was fun.

al + sar said...

Made this on Sunday, soo delish! Thanks for the recipe!