Sunday, October 7, 2012


Woke up yesterday morning to my 3 boys (Mike, Jake and Sam) all playing the same game on 3 different ipads in bed.  It was a funny sight to see - especially little Sam trying to keep up with the big boys.

We hit up the waffle truck where Whit and Wren met us and then made a quick stop at Orson Gygi.  I had never been before.  Marta had gone the day before and was sending us pictures of all the fun things she was finding, so I had to go see what all the fuss was about.  And it was worth the trip.

Went bowling with the kids - best part of the day was watching Sam jump up and down when he got a strike.  Jake cheering him on every time it was Sam's turn.  It was a fun outing.

Came home and tried out our new popcorn popper and cotton candy maker to make sure they work for the Cousin's Carnival we are having next week.  I'm SO excited about and going way overboard and I'm thrilled to do so.  Can't wait to show you all some of the fun ideas we're coming up with.

On today's to do list - finish a quilt that has been on my machine ALL WEEK LONG! Finish binding a quilt, and get binding made and sewn down on one more client quilt.  I can't wait to have these finished so I can stop feeling guilty that I've had them for so long!

I also need to quilt my own Halloween quilt - I can't have a carnival without a quilt hanging up....

Also on my list is to start this

The pattern is a Schnibbles Lincoln by Miss Rosie.  I have started this project in a French General fabric in the big sized quilt and still have a few star blocks to finish it.  But a Schnibbles sized one in fall?  I DIED when I saw this.  I have to have this done - and I want it on my table come carnival next week.

Got a lot on my plate today - so I better get going....

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