Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake

It all started with this - the day I found out I was going to be a mother....

And 5 years ago I brought home this little bundle of joy.

Since the moment you arrived Jake, you've been the center of our world.

You are a fun, imaginative, sweet little boy, and you always have been.  You are very curious and always want to learn.  I love when you say a new word and then ask me "what does ___ mean?"

You will go so far in life if you continue to grow and learn.  Always ask questions and want to grow your mind.

I love how you zoom up the driveway on your scooter these days.  I can see how much you've grown over the last few years and I can't believe you are now 5 YEARS OLD!  Your words and actions and daily conversations with you enforce to me how you are growing up.  

Just the other day you said this to me.  "Mom, if I worked at Toy R Us, I would never save any money."  How does a little boy know that?  I couldn't stop laughing at first how these things enter your little mind to begin with, and how smart you are to put work and money together at such a young age.

You are such a fun big brother.  Sammy idolizes you.  Walking around repeating all the things you say, and copying all the things you do.  He loves to play legos with you and explore your fantasy lands you are always putting together.  You created a ferris wheel in the exercise room recently.  I love to hear you and Sam in there playing and laughing.  No sound is sweeter to hear then the two of you getting along and making each other laugh.  I hope as you grow up you will continue to be his friend and to always remember know matter what, family is what matters most.

I love your sweet smile - please always remember to smile at life.

Your laugh is contagious.  Laugh through life, it will get you through the "bad days" you have every so often.

As a mother, I don't have a favorite child - but you and I will always have a special bond.  You taught me how to be a mom.  How to make a fool of myself, and live in a messy house.  You taught me what is important in life.  You are my first born and gave me the best role of my life - which is being your mother.  So you and I will always share that special bond.

I love you to the moon and back - and hope you have a wonderful birthday and 5th year of your life.  You have made the last 5 years of my life the best I could have ever know.

Love you - Happy Birthday!



whit said...

Happy Birthday Jake!! I love you so much!!!

Polly said...

happy birthday to my best helper!

Polly said...
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The Neilson Family said...

This was too cute! Happy birthday Jake!!