Friday, October 19, 2012


Tuesday night I spent the evening with these lovely ladies Emily and Courtney.

I have known these girls all my life.

Courtney and I grew up in the same neighborhood and have been family friends since birth.

Emily is part of the Blodgett clan who are also lifelong family friends and I have known Emily for as long as I can remember.  We became besties in middle school.  We often had sleepovers on school nights - isn't that weird that our mom's let that one happen?

While we were at dinner last night I kept thinking of little memories.  First day of preschool with Courtney, church functions that should have been sacred - my memories are of Courtney and I touching toes during a prayer.  Park City stays with Emily's Grandma Betty, days spent at the pool all summer long, haunted houses in high school and sneaking out to meet Brett Dyer and Brandon Lloyd.  I was amazed at how many memories I have of these girls.

Court sent us this saying this morning over Pinterest which sums up our friendship to a T.

This saying is so true for us.  We can go months without contact - and when we get together we don't stop talking.  We pick right back up where we left off last time we saw each other.  After a long couple of days - there was nothing better then spending the evening with these two.  They have been my lifelong friends and I know we'll always stay that way.

Love you girls!

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