Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Quilt List

I made a list in August of what I wanted to complete for quilting to keep me on track.  I thought I would update the list as most got completed and start me a new list!

 -Quilting for mom (have a project I've been promising her for MONTHS!)  Seen here
- Quilting for Christine - a client quilt project
- Baseball #2 Turning Twenty - piece the backing, quilt, bind  Seen here and here
- Finish Lucy's Crab Shack Tumbler quilt and runner  Seen here
- Halloween quilt  Seen here
- Swoon blocks - seen here

I finished most everything on my list!  Maybe not all in the month of August - but I have gotten to them all!

October's list will include the following:
- Quilt and bind client quilt
- Binding client quilt
- Quilting client quilt
- Quilt and bind my Halloween quilt
- Finish Joy granny square blocks
- Start Blizten Hubble quilt
- ONE Swoon block - maybe I can get this quilt done one block at a time?
- Clean up sewing room

Here's top a new list and a new month!

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