Saturday, September 15, 2012


Its Saturday afternoon - this is the current view I'm staring out at while sipping my coke from a gobblet and eating mini rolos.

The boys are all taking a little nap and I should be getting caught up on some work, but instead decided to play along with this little game.  Such a more fun way of spending my afternoon then boring presentations!  Pinterest is quickly becoming my go to hobby when I have a few minutes to spare - what a fun contest to participate in.

I love a good modabakeshop pattern and I have made a few.

Chevron - made this one in Rouenneries Duex

Easy Bricks - made with Strawberry Fields just like the pattern

Verna Table Runner - made with Verna by Kate Spain

And by far my favorite

Starry Night - made just like this one - I mean you can't go wrong with these fabrics.

Made several of these Simple Runners seen here.

Sadly - all 3 big quilts have been made in the last year or two and not one of them has been quilted yet!  My goal was to get the Strawberry Fields brick one quilted for the summer and I missed that deadline big time!

A few on my to do list are these.

Endless Possibilities - Love all the options with this quilt.  Saw it in 2010 and haven't forgotten this pattern.

Sweet Menagerie - Bought fabrics out of Verna by Kate Spain for this quilt

Charming Stars is one of my favorites - no idea why I haven't whipped this sucker out yet.

My afternoon as come and gone - Sam is now awake, and my beautiful view is on the its way to being a beautiful sunset.  I have pinned away my day - but feel free to take a look on my boards here and here.  You can also follow all my boards - not all quilt related here, you'll often see me pinning into the wee hours of the night and often times food related may be a problem I have. 

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