Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Getting back to reality after a vacation makes me tired! 

Yesterday was a rough day with work.  Rough day with kids.  I told Sam at one point if he didn't shape up I was going to sell him on eBay.  It was one of those days.  No naps, constant calls, and I even had help from my sweet mother-in-law for a few hours!

Last night the kids went to sleep at 8:30 - it was heaven!  I totally understand why parents enforce a bedtime.  HAHA - why have I never done this before?  (He's name is Sam and he's 2 and doesn't do anything I say - it was a miracle he feel asleep so early!)

Instead of being productive - I sat on the couch and watched New Girl and The Mindy Project (so good).  I then decided to be a little productive and pulled out a table runner to bind so I could justify watching the season premier of Private Practice.  It was only 10 - so I got caught up on an episode or two of General Hospital.  I could spend a month watching all the shows I want to get caught up on! 

As I sat in my quiet house - everyone asleep but me, the windows open, the sound of rain - the fall decorations surround me - it was THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!  Ok, not really - but a much needed break and mind numbing do nothing kind of night. 

I went to bed and couldn't sleep (I'm having issues falling asleep and staying asleep lately - is this cause I'm getting old?) I pinned a little and checked in on my blogs and couldn't believe my eyes when I read this post.  Do you see this? 

The winners are:

1. Grand prize winner Abby Latimer

I've never won ANYTHING from blog giveaways - EVER.  Not only did I win - but I won on a modabakeshop - the makings for a whole quilt!!!!  I was so excited!

Once I got over my shock of winning - I went back to pinning - and saw this pin.

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

I woke Mike up because I couldn't stop laughing.  Not sure if it was because I'm so exhausted that I found it funny, or because of the day I had - but come on - if you've ever seen Dora - you know what this pin is saying.  And I couldn't stop laughing - for like 5 minutes.  Laugh out loud, tears, laughing....crazy I know over Dora - but I was smiling as I finally fell asleep. 

It was a good night.

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whit said...

sorry it was such a crazy day!! i need to help you out more!! the dora picture..thats kindof creepy.