Monday, January 11, 2010


Over the past 2 weeks I've been thinking a lot about resolutions. I've been thinking a lot about what needs to get done in my house, how I can be a better mother, wife, friend, daughter etc. I've made list after list after list, both on paper and in my head.

I just had a post ready to publish that may have been my longest post yet. It had all my resolutions both big and small that I want to accomplish this year. After a long and much needed chat (thanks Marta) I'm revising my post. My resolutions are going to be simple this year. Maybe mid year I'll revisit and revise, but for now with my new little family and crazy life style I need to go for simple. So here goes nothing....

Eat out less
Loose 20 pounds by June 1st
Organize closets (I have a year, 1 a month should be doable)
Clean out laundry room
Clean craft room (this could take me ALL YEAR)
Sew a little every day (even if its just 5 minutes)
Spend time playing with my kids, actually being in the moment with them
Date my husband again
Find something to laugh about everyday

There it is. Written down for all the world to see. Hopefully that will make me stick to achieving my goals. Here's to making 2010 the best year yet!


marta said...

a perfect list, ab! good luck on organizing all your closets, please make a trip up to idaho to come clean mine. i've kinda given up on it.

p.s. i like the dating your hubby idea. am going to borrow it.

Travelin'Oma said...

Laughing everyday is a great resolution!

polly said...

always good to make a list. i'm joining you on the eat less part. we can encourage each other.