Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

A new year, a new beginning. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week.

Christmas was fun for us this year with a new baby along with a 2 year old who is getting the hang of Christmas and presents and the whole Santa thing. I will post some pictures of our day sometime soon. As we've taken down Christmas this week Jake keeps asking "Mom, do you miss Christmastime?" It's pretty cute to have this little sidekick that I can have little conversations with. When I climb up to take something down on a stool or standing on a table, "be careful mom, I don't want you to fall mom, I can help you mom" as he climbs up and holds onto my legs. Already very protective over his mom, and I love it! ANYWAYS....Christmas was great. Family, food, good times. It was a great few days overall.

New Years Eve we had my family over to play games. We played bowling and tennis on the Wii. I'll have to get video and post it. How fun it was to watch my mom and dad play. It was a fun family party that I think we'll have to turn into a monthly tradition.

As for ringing in the New Year, we didn't see the ball drop, didn't hear neighbors screaming and yelling outside for we were in bed by 9:30 with the kids. Yes that is how exciting our life is right now, but when the baby goes to sleep at 9, so do we! Its the longest period of time he sleeps without waking up and we have to take advantage of it! Sam actually went 7 hours that night. It was a New Years wish come true.

This year I'm trying to come up with some resolutions that I can actually keep. I'll post them so that I have them in writing and something to keep me on track with them. One resolution I will be trying to keep is blogging more regularly. Hopefully life will start getting back to normal as I get a handle on life with 2 kids.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year....get your own resolutions posted!


polly said...

i had a great time on new years eve at your house. thanks for having us over!

Travelin'Oma said...

I love all your cute photos of your cute kids. And Jake set the moo-d with his perfect cow performance.