Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back in the Swing of things

So today is my first day back in the office. It has been nice to get a break from the kids. I'm lucky that I have my mom taking care of the kids at home which makes me worry free when I'm away.

I have to say I have a new found respect for all the stay at home/work at home moms. Its is HARD! I loved most days being at home with the kids, but I also had a nanny 3 days a week. What I noticed is that being with them all day, and then all evening, and then sleeping in the middle of the 2 of them....24 hour a day job. I NEVER got a break from them! It's nice to be away and not hear Sam crying, or Jake slamming a door (its his new attention getting thing). I am in awe of how all the mothers out there don't go crazy! I guess some of us weren't cut out to be with their children all day everyday. (Give me a week back at work and I'll probably be changing me story here).

Anyways, I am so lucky to have the balance of a flexible work environment, being able to work from home when needed, and having the best nanny around! When Jake was born I left him with a nanny that wasn't his grama and that was SO HARD. I cried everyday leaving him, worried about him all day, tried to leave early every day etc. So when Grama Polly decided to jump back into the working world it was the perfect fit. We are so lucky to have her and Jake is so lucky to have someone who will focus all their attention on him ALL DAY LONG. (That could be part of his need for attention problem he is having right now).

I have also started working out this week. It's AMAZING to me how much fun jumping on the treadmill, turning up the radio, and putting on Bose headphones can be. I don't hear a thing but the music. I dance on the treadmill to music I haven't heard in years. What a release from the day to day. Hopefully this will keep me pumped up and running!

Now that life is moving towards the norm again, hopefully I can get the balance back a bit and really enjoy each moment I have with the kids. They are the light of my life, I just sometimes forget when we're joint at the hip.


Travelin'Oma said...

Your kids are lucky to have lots of people to love them.

mama jo said...

stay strong...whatever you choose to's hard!!

Kelly said...

I agree, staying at home all day 24/7 is HARD!!! If I end up sitting in a chair rocking back and forth staring at a wall you'll know why!