Sunday, December 29, 2013

Whit's Fall Star Quilt

I have a few quilts I want to get added to my 2013 completed side bar - so I've got a few posts in the next few days for my own "record" purposes!  

I didn't know what to get my sister Whitney for Christmas.  She has been so kind and thoughtful this month trying to help me, cleaning my house, leaving me little surprises.  All in the name of trying to bring my some Christmas cheer.  

I wanted to get her something fun - but wasn't feeling anything.  She had asked for a fall quilt in October - that sadly didn't get to her in time for fall.  So on the 24th - I quilted this baby up and got her bound for Christmas morning.  

I used this tutorial yet again (I LOVE how quick and easy this pattern is!)
Whit loves loops - so I went with that -  and a flannel striped back.  Perfect for snuggling up with!  Hope you enjoy Whit!

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