Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Josephine Patchwork Quilt

My sister Whitney needed a quilt to give as a gift.  I love most anything French General related by Moda - so this was the perfect time to order up some Josephine!  I love the deep red and browns in this line.  Reminds me of their Maison de Garance line they had a few years back. 
So I started cutting up a layer cake to make the Double Slice quilt from the Missouri Quilt Star tutorial. 
I had just made this quilt 3 times - I didn't need to pull up the tutorial - I have it memorized....do you see a problem here?  I cut my layer cake right in half and sewed 2 5 inch stripes together before even realizing that wasn't right.  The sad thing is....I cut 2 quilts at the same time - so I did it wrong twice! I was SO MAD!  But my sister is easy and loves a good patchwork - so I made 4 patches instead and went ahead. 

I think it turned well in the end.  I chose the Drop of Paisley pattern for quilting.  she wanted a minky back - so I wanted something bold that would stand out!  This was the ticket. 

Got it sewn, quilted, and bound in a day or two - pretty good for having a Christmas rush - and now I want my own quilt out of this line!  LOVE IT!  But more importantly - giving a quilt is one of the best gifts out there!  And my sisters friend loved it!  Said one of the best gifts they have ever gotten.  Makes it all worth it.