Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Throw Quilt - Sentiments

Its time for Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival - I love looking through all the inspiration of everyone who submits a quilt!  I wanted to get in on the fun!

We had a family friends mother pass away a few weeks ago and my mom and her friends wanted to give her something special at this hard time in her life.  Only fitting for that gift to be a quilt.

I pulled out a layer cake of Sentiments by 3 Sisters for Moda and I just bought some of this cute paisley border a few weeks ago. 

I'm a sucker for 3 Sisters and LOVE red/green/cream anything together.  I didn't love this line when it first came out - but every quilt I see made from it I really love.  I really love this paisley border!

I used Missouri Quilt Star tutorial Double Slice one of my new to me favorite quilt patterns. Great way to use up a layer cake - and perfect pattern if you need a quick gift.  I had this cute and sewn together in about 4 hours.  

Used a solid green backing and Drops of Paisley for the quilt pattern.  I loved the backing so much too!

It is always so much fun to make a quilt for a gift when you know they will appreciate the quilt.  Pat cried when my mom took it to her.  Glad I could help be involved with such a meaningful gift!

Blogger’s Quilt Festival :: Baby Quilts - Out to Sea

Its time for Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival - I love looking through all the inspiration of everyone who submits a quilt!  I wanted to get in on the fun!

A few months ago a client hired me to make a baby quilt.  She wanted a sea theme - boats, mermaids, seashells etc.  I had been wanting to make something from the Out to Sea line by Sarah Jane and this was the perfect excuse.  

(iphone pic, sorry about the blurry) I had this quilt laying on my floor for a month trying to decide about the placement and how to fit all the pieces together.  

I loved the bigger prints/panels.  The boats, the mermaids and the map had to be a focal point of the quilt.  

Mixed in some patchwork and we had ourselves a quilt.  I was told just yesterday that it was given out and loved by the new owner.  

I used the Waverly pattern for quilting.  This is one of my favorites as I think it has a look of waves and sky and adds great texture.  Especially with this minky backing!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quilt Market

I've been seeing posts and pictures and updates from Quilt Market the last few days.  I was lucky enough to go a few years back (like 7) when it was in Utah.  It was so much fun, and an experience I hope to get to enjoy again soon.  

Although I didn't get to quilt market - I did feel a small part of helping a few of my favorite designers get ready for market.  

I was so excited to be able to quilt 2 of Camille's new patterns.

First up was Puddle Jumping - isn't that just the most perfect name for this quilt?   

Camille wanted the Baptist Fan for this one.  

I LOVE this pattern and love the blues and greens used in this quilt.  The new line April Showers is such a fun line - and has so many great prints in it. 

Camille has some great pictures here and she made a multi colored version that is on the cover that is so cute too!  

Her next quilt I quilted was Starlight and I was head over hills in love with this quilt.  I'm a sucker for stars and this one was so cool and different from what I've seen out there.  She made a version with green polka dots and a navy version.  They are both great, but I loved the big star here that the polka dots form.  Looking at the quilt I was thinking this would be a complicated quilt to sew together, but Camille told me it was a breeze - I wasn't sure I believed her, but once I opened up and read the pattern she was right!  It actually looks like it will go together quickly and I can't wait to get going on mine!

Camille wanted the Orange Peel for her pattern and I love how this turned out.  This is such a great quilt pattern.  Modern yet, vintage, adds so much texture to the quilt without taking away from the pattern and fabrics.  I really love how it turned out.  

Its hard to see in this picture - but Camille has some great ones on her blog.  

The backing for both quilts she used the umbrella prints - aren't they so cute!  Can't wait for this line to come out.  I'll be buying in bolts!

I also got to quilt these 2 new patterns from Sherri from A Quilting Life

First up is Splash

This quilt was made using Day Dreams by Kate Spain.  These prints are bright, bold and fun!  I love the checkered sashing in this quilt!  Such a fun, different idea!  Can't wait to make one of my own.  

Sherri chose Orange Peel which looked great on this quilt - and look at the back below!  How awesome does that look on a solid backing????  I love this pattern! 

You can see some better pictures over at Sherri's blog

Her next pattern is called Blossoms and I can't wait to make one of my own!

Sherri chose Clam shells.  I love this pattern for several reasons.  I think it is so simple and understated, yet has such a bold statement.  Is that possible?  I thought this went perfect with the fabrics.  At first glance looks like umbrellas or rain drops a little which fit the fabric line April Showers just perfect.  This quilt is on my to do list in the near future.  

I am so lucky to have been able to join in the pre market fun!  Thanks Sherri and Camille for letting me part of this fun and crazy time!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Jake

It's my babies birthday.  He's not such a baby anymore.  Every time I look at him I think he has gotten bigger and seems older then he did the day before.  Watching kids grow up brings on so many emotions.  I love watching him learn and grow, but I also want to bottle up the innocent child I have and keep him this way forever!

I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday.  He's been invited to a few parties - and I told him he could have a party with his friends if he wanted.  His reply to me was - "I just want to do something with my family - spend the day with you, dad and Sam."

So that is exactly what we did. Mike and I both took the day off. Went to lunch, went bowling, played with his presents, his new Legos, ate cake - whatever he wanted to do today he got. 

I've enjoyed every minute I've had with this boy.  He made me a mother - he turned me into who I am supposed to be.  I love this boy to death. 

On the way to school I told him I was going to interview him and asked him a few questions.  Here are his answers below. 

Name - Jake Latimer

Age - 6

Favorite Color - Red

Favorite Food - Pizza and Pears

Favorite Activity - Playing with my brother

Who do you look forward to seeing the most at school? Centers (they move from group to group working on different activities)

What scares you? - Black Widows - (he had an encounter with one this week - traumatized all of us!)

Happy Birthday Jake!  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I have been seeing a lot of quilts coming and going through my house lately.  I try really hard to to pick favorites.  I enjoy each and every quilt -

But every so often a quilt comes in - that I would love to keep.  These two quilts stole my heart.  They were for a couple of little boys beds that coordinated but didn't match.  After quilting these ones up I wanted to make a few for myself!
I loved the simplicity of the of the patchwork - and how she mixed in a pirate line with chevrons and dots.  I think she even threw in a couple pieces of a sheet set.  The combo was perfect!

Erin chose Skulls for this quilt which fit it perfectly.  

For her backings she used white and the cool ombre dots from V and Co's last line.  Such a fun idea!

The 2nd quilt had the same water/sea them but was made of up completely different fabrics using similar colors.  She also made this one a big ole tumbler and I LOVE IT!

She chose Bubbles  as the quilt pattern and again it was perfect!

She used the same ombre dot fabric just a different color.  

Erin was sweet enough to send me a finished picture once the room was all done up.  It is so fun to see quilts at home and in their own space.  Ever since quilting these ones up I've been pondering what type of fabrics to use to do something similar for my boys bunk beds.  Even a few months after the fact I keep thinking about how cute these quilts are!  I'm so grateful to have such inspiration everyday through this quilting business!  Thanks Erin.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

High Street Baby Quilt

I have fallen in love with the High Street line by Moda.  I love the bright colors and the prints are beautiful.  While debating what to make out of this line I picked up a charm pack and thought it would make a great baby quilt.  Within a few days - I had a shower so perfect opportunity to use up the charm pack.  

I did a baby patchwork using the whole pack  - added a bright orange border and the grey floral which is my favorite print and we had ourselves a baby quilt in a night!

I recently bought a new pattern Orange Peel that I haven't even downloaded yet to the right format to display on my board yet - but I am loving this design!  

I am trying to decide what color is my favorite - but they all just work so well together!

The backing I used my leftover border piece and a green gingham.  Love how this Orange Peel design looks on the back!  Added some orange binding and rolled this baby up for the shower.  

This was the perfect quick project and great gift idea when you have minimal time!  

I have now bought fat quarters and am getting ready to cut out On a Whim by Thimble Blossoms for my next project out of High Streets.  

Can't wait to get going on that one!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Boutique

If you are in the Utah area - please come check out the Fall Boutique.  One of my favorite quilting customers is putting on this boutique.  Start your Christmas shopping early!  Come grab a few fall decorations!  The caramel apples are THE BEST I've ever tried! 
If you're in the area please stop in!
6209 S. Newhaven Drive (just west of Highland Dr)
Tuesday Oct 8th 5-8pm
Wednesday Oct 9th 10-5pm


Friday, October 4, 2013

Quilting Services

I've added a few new patterns to my board and have a few more to upload this weekend.  A new Halloween one - and some new modern designs coming this weekend!

Currently running a special of ALL Edge to Edge designs are $.01 an inch.  This is a great deal and won't last forever, so take advantage while you can!  
I am offering a 1 week turnaround on edge to edge designed quilts.
Quilts with edge to edge design but separate border design are $.02 for up to 2 borders.  
Custom quilting begins at $.025 an inch and goes up depending on complexity.  
I have batting available for $8 a yard.
I will ship quilts back - and only charge actual shipping costs.  
No hidden costs!  Quilting, Batting, and tax if you live in Utah are the only charges on the invoice.  

Contact me if you're interested - check out my pinterest board to view designs.