Friday, September 30, 2011

Beach Days

We're having a blast - getting some sun and I'm playing with Instagram on my phone - fun pics to come!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today Mike is 40 years old....SO OLD!  Happy Birthday to the best dad and husband out there.  Couldn't ask for a better guy - or a better location to spend your big day.

Love you - Happy 40th!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pure Bliss

After a really crazy, long week at work - a really long LONG flight - we landed in heaven.

I get homesick for Hawaii.  I dream about ocean sunsets, the sand in between my toes and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.  I am a beach person at the core of my soul.  No matter where I am - cold or warm - if the beach is nearby I have to get my toes buried in the sand - and my feet wet in the water.  Its just who I am. 

Yesterday we spent the morning walking the beach.  We saw the new Disney hotel that just opened, ate some breakfast, and watched Sam wave wildly at Mickey who was also visiting the Disney Hotel.  It was so much fun to see him get so excited.  He stood - leaned over a chair starring at Mickey or trying to run into everyone's picture with Mickey all morning long. 

All through breakfast Jake asked if he could go to the beach, "I need to get my toes wet" he said over and over again.  Made me smile to know my little guy feels the same way I do about Hawaii.  As we landed the night before he had been asleep, it was late, he woke up and said to me, "Mom we're here, I'm so excited to be in Hawaii."  Over the last 36 hours he has repeated that numerous times and told me how much he loves Hawaii.

We walked til we were sore yesterday, filled up the car at Costco, bought a few beach toys, napped, hit the pool and then the beach. 

I felt the sand on my toes, the waves move me through the water, a little sun on my face.  Watched Jake swim like a fish, watched others comment on how good a swimmer he is.  He played in the ocean for the first time, chased after fish, created science projects of how the water moved his toys.  Laughed as Sam screamed nervously as the sand moved from underneath him, was curious of the ocean and how it all worked, buried toys in the sand, and chased after birds. 

Unplugged from the world - no laptops, phones, or ipads.

Today we'll actually take the camera with us.

A day with my little family, in the sun, at the beach, making new memories....pure bliss.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Pinwheel Nine Patch

Changing gears from stars to pinwheels - I've completed a few projects this last weekend.  This one being my favorite so far.

I love plaids and wovens - and pinwheels - adding the white I was little worried - I would have normally gone with a tannish color - but I am love the white.  I think it makes the pinwheels pop - and then scrappy binding stands out so much more around the white!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pirate Quilts

I saw this fabric Skulls by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake Designs and fell in love.  I actually bought it in multiple color ways because I couldn't pick my favorite.  Jake too has fallen head over heels in love.  Asks me daily if I've gotten all the pirate quilts done yet.  I've decided to make one for him and one for Sam.  This one will be sold on my Etsy store and I think I like the blue and red and black and red colors for Jake and Sam.

This was a fun diversion from all the fall and star mania that has been going on in my sewing room the last few weeks.  I used minky to back it in which makes this quilt so soft and perfect to wrap those little ones in.

This line of fabric has turned my head just like the All Star fabric did a few years ago.  Where I feel the need to buy bolts and bolts of it.  So far I have resisted the temptation - after I get the other two quilts completed, I might have to give in and buy some more.  Isn't this fabric perfect fabric to give for little boy gifts!  So tempting to buy more!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Swoon - Fall Style

I'm loving the Swoon pattern by Thimbleblossom.  I've started a quilt  a few weeks back using Hometown by Sweetwater and I'm loving it.  The past 2 weeks though, I've taken a break to give tribute to all things fall - and clear out a bind or two of fall fabrics I've had laying around.

I ran across these fabrics at the quilt store and couldn't resist.  I loved the brown with the little flowers on it - the green baby gingham - the pop of orange.  I had to make my own little version of Swoon for fall.

I LOVE how it turned out.  This block has endless possibilities.  Baby quilts, table toppers, how cute would four blocks be for a wall hanging?  Before I get carried away I'll work on another Hometown Swoon block.  Love this pattern!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Star Mania

On Sunday Mike wanted to watch football all day -- literally ALL DAY -- so we spent a good amount of time downstairs and I quilted and quilted.  I got 5 or so table runners quilted!  A few bound - and lots to share this week.

I'm on a fall kick with fabrics - and a star kick with patterns.  This is a Country Threads pattern called Glory Star which is a pattern for  a baby quilt.  I didn't add as many orders to this one to make it a table topper.  My favorite part is the scrappy binding.

I have to say working with woven type fabrics is harder than I remembered.  They sure stretch and pull a lot!  But I think this turned out cute - so cute I made another one and added a little border on it.  Just need to bind it.

Every weekend I say - this is my last weekend of fall runners - yet ideas just keep coming.  I have a cute pinwheel one on my quilting machine right now.  Hope to get that one done tonight!  I'll be using the scrappy binding again.

Two of my favorite things - stars and fall - couldn't be more fun to sew!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Days

Is it wrong that I still get a little lump in my throat and have to hold back the tears whenever I drop him off at school?  Its been over a week - you'd think I'd get use to it, especially because he loves it.  But its still so hard to just leave him each day.  I'm so grateful that he loves it and is having fun.  I've got to get over my own issues and insecurities for him - and just let him live his life and realize this is the first step to growing up.  Who knew it would pull on my heart so much?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mini Star Fall Quilt

I know, I know - 3 days in a row and yet another star table runner.  The difference here is I used the scraps from the star points from the Big Star Table Runner - to get my star points for this one.  Like I said - I'm trying to use every ounce of fabric!

I like the size of this runner - and the simplicity of the border.  Measures 13 x 25 so a bit smaller than the larger ones - this is just the size I need for my Halloween runner.

The back is from my stash also - Harvest Home which was an older Moda line.  The border and binding I did buy recently - but everything else came from the stash.

This was a fun pattern variation from the larger version.  I'm on a table runner kick!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halloween Star Table Runner

I warned you I was on a star kick....  my version of the Halloween Star Table Runner.  What I like about this runner is that the stars are fairly simple in the fabrics that were used - which I think pulls the eye towards the border, which is fun and festive.

I had fun quilting spider webs in the star centers on this one.  I LOVE how they turned out.

I did a little loop and pumpkin quilting in the border - such a fun and festive table runner.  I was thinking about keeping it - but I think I need a little bit smaller one for my island - so that will be my next project I start!  This one finishes 24 x 48 and is currently for sale in my etsy store.

Jake is loving these candy corns - I'm lucky there was any left for this picture!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Fall Stars Table Runner

I think I'm on a star kick.  Star table runners, star quilts, buggy barn stars, I can't get enough of stars.  This is the first star table runner I whipped out this season - and there will be many more to follow.  I love this pattern, and love these fabrics.   

What I love most is that I used everything from my stash - these were some of the first fabrics I ever bought!  I love when I can say a project was made 100% with STASHED fabric!!!

Practiced my custom quilting designs using a leaf pattern for the border and doing some stars and free hand in the middle.  The solid backing shows off the quilting pretty well.

I had so much fun making this quilt - I had to make a few more.  I'm liking how this design is turning out.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fandango Easy Table Runner

I've recently decided that I'm trying to use every ounce of fabric I can.  So as I cut the Turning 20 fabrics for Whit's quilt I took all the left over pieces and cut them into strips or squares.

With the strips I made this little runner.  I have to say I love how cute and little it is - and perfect for a little end table or coffee table.  I think I may have to find some more scraps to make me another one - cause this one has a home - Whit has a friend she wanted to give it to.  This is a fun quick project that I'll have to keep in mind next time I need a quick gift!

Labor Day Events

I love the first week in September.  The air feels a little cooler especially in the morning and evenings, school is back on, the leaves even start to see a little color in them - by far, fall is my favorite time of year.  This weekend has been full of events.

I took Friday off and stayed downstairs in my quilting room all day.  It was so much fun to get caught up as my machine has been in the shop.  The kids didn't even know I was here until 3pm!  I got a few quilts quilted, a block or two completed - and Whit's turning 20 blocks are sewn and ready to be put in rows.  I'd say pretty eventful!

Saturday we have a little swim party with Jason and Whitney which was tons of fun.  The kids love it when Uncle Fun comes to play.  We laid in the sun and relaxed.  Mike and I even watched a movie last night - we haven't done that in ages!

Today I started getting all the fall decor out - I love transforming my house with Tribute to Fall as we call it in my family.  I'm even getting out the Halloween decor early - (is it too early?) but my kids are so excited I thought why not?  Can't wait to get it all done tomorrow.

I'll be sharing some pics of finished projects over the next few days so I can add them to my side bar of completed projects.  I love making that list longer!  Go check it out.  Hope you're all having a great long weekend.